Sunday, February 28, 2010

Baidu plans to release the name of video site on-line in March

1 AP: It is Labor reported that, recently, Baidu independent online video company officially announced the Chinese brand name "Cirque", which is strange arts network for the first time since the formal announcement of the establishment of the company's progress. Yi Qi Gong Yu CEO said Fantastic Art in all aspects of the preparatory work very well, the website is scheduled in March on-line.

Over the same period also includes Fantastic Art announced the official LOGO, LOGO includes a Chinese-language brand name, and English domain names, after the media attention appeared the English domain names which will be used when the Fantastic Art Zhengshishangxian this domain.

Fantastic Art CEO Gong Yu said that the Fantastic Art Network provides movies and television and other video platform for video content-based long persist in genuine, high-definition model of development, the future will be considered separately.

Fantastic Art QiYi English domain names with the United States well-known video site Hulu is similar and wonderful, and with the same simple style spelling of Parallelism impressive. More similar is the Fantastic Art and HuLu are playing a central feature of genuine, high-definition movies and TV dramas. Hulu Despite the late start on the highest volume of video-sharing site Youtube, but it has taken the lead as the world's first opening of the first year generated a profit in the mainstream video site, and to verify the continued rapid growth of its business model's success.

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