Thursday, March 4, 2010

Battle Cameroon and Italy mediocre

Lippi bold use of a 343 formation, Di Natale, Marco Borriello and kossou Trident. Such a configuration in the history of Marcello Lippi's team only once, in 2005 and Ecuador a more than a draw. 3 guard, Bonucci, Fabio Cannavaro and Chiellini really well, reflecting the Italian defensive capabilities, defensive game is also Italy's most desirable areas. Once the defense, left and right sides of the Kelixituo and Marjorie are the equivalent of 5 retracement back, kossou and Di Natale had withdrawn midfield as 541.

Despite the ugly game, but the ability of the Italian defense was played out back in the 2006 World Cup a strong defensive self-confidence. Cameroon, the whole game shooting only 3 feet, while the number of shots on goal to 0. If Lippi said, "We held down the first half after the market was a bit flat, but the defense people full of confidence."

The cost of strengthening the defensive nature to sacrifice offense, 433 play in Pirlo's more like a Qianyao connecting the front. Today's 343, Andrea Pirlo and De Rossi as pairs of lumbar, they are initiated by the Italian attack points, the retracement Borriello Milan play the ball is similar, can be either Di Natale or kossou are Ronaldinho did not like the ball well up front, Italy effects poor positional warfare. Lippi two wings of the expected breakthrough in creating opportunities for the center, but the plug is not Kelixituo and Marjorie sharp. One person alone is difficult to drive from Andrea Pirlo Italy's attack, counterattack, positioning the ball in order to manufacture these threats.

The first 13 minutes, Italian corner, kossou header ferry, Chiellini on the door line before jacking the ball, but the offside. The first 32 minutes, but also kossou biography to Di Natale, Serie A's top scorer he denied a shot by Cameroon goalkeeper. Kossou somewhat bright, but an attack on the organization can help Pirlo's role is very critical, once again highlighted the importance of Totti.

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