Sunday, February 28, 2010

Baidu plans to release the name of video site on-line in March

1 AP: It is Labor reported that, recently, Baidu independent online video company officially announced the Chinese brand name "Cirque", which is strange arts network for the first time since the formal announcement of the establishment of the company's progress. Yi Qi Gong Yu CEO said Fantastic Art in all aspects of the preparatory work very well, the website is scheduled in March on-line.

Over the same period also includes Fantastic Art announced the official LOGO, LOGO includes a Chinese-language brand name, and English domain names, after the media attention appeared the English domain names which will be used when the Fantastic Art Zhengshishangxian this domain.

Fantastic Art CEO Gong Yu said that the Fantastic Art Network provides movies and television and other video platform for video content-based long persist in genuine, high-definition model of development, the future will be considered separately.

Fantastic Art QiYi English domain names with the United States well-known video site Hulu is similar and wonderful, and with the same simple style spelling of Parallelism impressive. More similar is the Fantastic Art and HuLu are playing a central feature of genuine, high-definition movies and TV dramas. Hulu Despite the late start on the highest volume of video-sharing site Youtube, but it has taken the lead as the world's first opening of the first year generated a profit in the mainstream video site, and to verify the continued rapid growth of its business model's success.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Facebook Memorial Page has been black media, called for enhanced user review

Recently, Facebook for the victims and pay homage to two Australian-based children to commemorate the page had been vandalized and the media called for social networking site for the user's behavior should be held more accountable.

Two weeks ago, 12-year-old Fletcher and 8-year-old Trinity Bates took place in Queensland, Australia, respectively, the murder of two killed, grieving relatives and friends were on Facebook for the two to create online memorial to mourn. But it is angry that the memorial hall was hit by a malicious replace full of offensive language or even paste pictures of child pornography pages.

Queensland Premier Anna Bligh, therefore sent a letter to shareholders, Facebook called on Facebook trying to prevent such "sickening incident" from happening again.

However, Anna Bligh, a spokesman said it has received no Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg to this response.

However, Facebook spokesman Debbie Frost said the station Posted to the site to review the content there are strict regulations, if there are customer complaints site exists to incite hatred against others, or intimidation, or the existence of pornographic or violent images or video, the administrator will immediately to respond to, delete such content, issuing warnings or disable the accounts of related personnel.

Frost said in a statement, "Facebook is a high degree of self-discipline of the site, if the user suspicious or offensive content, be ready to report on Facebook."

Meanwhile, Queensland Police Constable Peter Crawford proposal intends to set up similar to the commemoration of the page the user or organization to plan carefully in advance is best, it should be taken into account such "malicious" people's existence.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

360 mad smashing antivirus what ads will run CCTV

360 CCTV running ads for free anti-virus is not only to expand the influence of free anti-virus, but also to their own most drastic in the end will be free of charge, but is 360, the trend of the brand and free users deep into the hearts of each one.

Encountered during the Spring Festival, the most mine-people thing, not Zhao Benshan Spring Festival Evening When the "soft advertising Wang", nor is Liu Qian to the Magic into an "drama", but 360 of the CCTV mad hit ads. So why say that?

1, a free product to do such a high-profile television media, which is the field of Chinese Internet, China's advertising history, in addition Taobao outside is probably unprecedented. Just consider this ad will run returns than can be said to be 0 (do not bring direct any income to 360), enough mines.

2, take a look at a few ads aired 360 times: CCTV-1 news network, today's statement; CCTV-2 network of economic information and economic and a half hours; CCTV-5 night, 4 columns; CCTV-6 night broadcast sets. Goodfellas, this battle was really a bit "Standard King" style, and yet another mine.

3, from the advertising content point of view, creativity is very simple, not even any ideas, but certainly mine person: who is host, director and actors took over the post of speaker Liu Yiwei, repeatedly shouting "free", "permanent free" , "(360 anti-virus) no longer have to spend."

I think that the ads were 360 acts of the mine will produce three results:

1, all the Chinese people know that "anti-virus software for free", especially the concept of free will enjoys popular support, thus bringing the brand on the 360 has improved rapidly. I personally think that the amount of installed capacity of 360-vote definitely not the purpose of advertising, this cost too high. In fact from a third party Ereli published 360 data, "free antivirus" fundamentally no worries about the installed capacity. As of the end of 2009, 360 users of anti-virus coverage has reached 30.8%, in other words there are 100 million people using this free anti-virus software.

Although not a direct purpose, but it will definitely be put in a CCTV which indirectly raised the 360's installed capacity and market share, and that many of them are not familiar with some of the Internet the lower end of the primary users. This will help win more of an incremental 360 potential users of the market, from the user's full beyond capacity and brands of over charging anti-virus, it should be almost exclusively a matter of time.

2, anti-virus to form a deterrent effect on the charges, but also to their own most drastic. I do not know that other anti-virus vendors to see Liu Yiwei bosses hard to shouting "free" when the mood? Not expected to be comfortable. Zhou Hongyi, there is no landing CCTV has allowed an escape route - so that people throughout the country to testify, he must not only be a strong free activists, we must fight anti-virus fight in the end and charges, but had to make 360's products and services but also better than soft kill fee must get better, otherwise the "free" can only become a slogan hand, will become the target of public criticism.

3, anti-virus arena may be change of weather is a foregone conclusion. From 360 since the announcement free of charge, charges to suppress free anti-virus anti-virus on the one hand, maintain their own posture and position, but on the other hand constantly cuts to promotions, increased use of free time slots phased approach to delay the competitive situation, but they are also doing all kinds of resistance on the "free antivirus" in attempts. However, this writer, I believe that with the free anti-virus momentum for further growth, there may be additional charges for anti-virus will inevitably turn to join the camp free of charge. Zhou Hongyi, so the middle of play into the hands. This anti-virus software, Internet-based services market will last one year, like e-mail, games, as completely free of.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

75,000 computers move more than 190 government and corporate data theft

U.S. Internet software security company NetWitness18 said, a new type of computer virus in the past year and a half has been invasion of the Global 2500 companies and government agencies to 7.5 million PCs, a computer virus, these constitute a large and dangerous "botnet "stealing from a number of important secrets.

The company will "zombie network" known as the "Kneber botnets." A new virus to collect their "zombie computers" in the information and will send to the hacker.

Attacks or to launch from the Eastern European gangs

The large-scale attacks, including financial institutions, energy companies and the U.S. federal government agencies worldwide, including nearly 2500 enterprises and government agencies have been invaded, the affected computer to reach 75000, involving more than 190 countries, mainly the United States, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey and Mexico and other countries of the computers.

U.S. Internet software security company NetWitness, said in January this year under an engineer for a company to deploy Internet monitoring system found that "Kneber botnets."

After investigation, hackers in Eastern Europe in 2008, started to use a computer, through the command center located in Germany launched attacks, to induce the employees of businesses and government agencies websites click on a virus, or open an e-mail with a virus, and thus the invasion enterprise or government networks. It is understood that once a computer virus infection, it will become a "zombie network" part of, and through a large number to send infected e-mail so that more businesses and government agencies recruit computer.

NetWitness Golen, president of the United States Department of Homeland Security has served as director of network security. He said that at present seems at the end of 2008 started a new virus outbreak in Germany, is also spread to a lot of computer applications in China. Currently collected evidence that the attack is likely to organized criminal gangs from Eastern Europe.

Camouflage difficult to remove high

Experts point out that hackers can remote control the infected computers, steal what they want the information, including Internet banking logon, e-mail and social networking certification information, and then the further invasion of other users of the computer system so that the virus affected expanded rapidly, hackers in the 4 weeks can be successfully 88000 certification information. More seriously, the virus than other viruses have higher camouflage nature more difficult to remove.

Experts believe that, hackers steal this action seems to want to get information, rather than the destruction of specific companies or government agencies network system.

NetWitness, an analyst at Cox, said: "It's certain that many institutions do not know what they are encountering a similar security problems, because they do not have appropriate detection tools." Kneber zombie networks "in recent years, the agencies face a serious threat to the 1, but people have been ignoring the existence of this threat. "

The United States, "Wall Street Journal" reported that the affected companies begin to receive notification of hacking, in which pharmaceutical companies Merck & Co. Inc., as well as healthcare company CardinalHealthInc. Have recognized the computer by "zombie networks" infiltration, but not stolen sensitive information.

NetWitness also found that hackers penetrated the 10 U.S. government agencies, the computer, one of which to obtain a soldier's military networks, e-mail user name and password.

Friday, February 19, 2010

"Zombie" computers attackers invaded the world's seven thousand or Eastern European gang

According to Singapore's "Lianhe Zaobao" report, the U.S. Internet software security company NetWitness18 said, a new computer virus has invaded the Global 2500 companies and government agencies 75000 computer, computer virus, these constitute a large and dangerous "zombie network" from which to steal important information.

The company will be known as zombie networks "Kneber zombie network" of new viruses each zombie computer to collect information, and shall send to the hacker.

Attackers may be gangs in Eastern Europe
Golen, president of the company served as the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in charge of network security. He said that at present seems at the end of 2008 started a new virus outbreak in Germany, has now spread to many computer applications in China. Company currently collected evidence that the attack is likely to organized criminal gangs from Eastern Europe.

The company's survey also found that hackers had access to the network using botnets banking, e-mail and social network login information. Hackers may also be using botnets to steal confidential corporate or even government.

Hackers ZeuS malware infection and control of the zombies. Them through the dissemination of e-mail, phishing e-mail client to open attachments containing malicious code or network link, which would infect the computer.

The company in January to deploy an Internet monitoring system found that "Kneber botnets." Golen said that the number of infected and enterprise networks are increasing, Kneber quietly and similar zombie virus has infected thousands of government and commercial organizations worldwide.

More seriously, more than half "Kneber zombie network" of zombie computers is also infected with Waledac code, the code so that all of zombie computers to be interconnected, thus dispersed botnet command structure, so that it has a higher camouflage nature more difficult to remove.

The company's analyst Cox said: "It's certain that many institutions do not know what they are encountering a similar security problems, because they do not have appropriate detection tools. 'Kneber botnets' are the agencies in recent years, a serious threat to the 1, but people have been ignoring the existence of this threat. "

Thursday, February 18, 2010

US judge said Google digital library settlement hearing does not make a ruling

According to foreign media reports, the New York Southern District federal District Court Judge Denny Chin said Thursday that he will not be held in the day on the 2005 co-sponsored by some authors and publishers against Google Digital Library Project litigation settlement hearing, so make a decision.

Chen Zhuoguang Thursday said he will not make a decision at the hearing, but also the ruling and promised to make a specific time. He said, "I will be at the hearing and listened carefully to opinions from all sides, but also will ask a few of the problems." Participate in the hearing that day so many people, even the second court are filled with watching the hearing via closed-circuit company representatives, writers and publishers.

During 2005, Authors Guild, Association of American Publishers filed lawsuits against Google, claiming Google book digitization project of alleged infringement. In October 2008, Google reached a settlement with the agreement that the two bodies. For the settlement agreement, many industry organizations opposed. Because of this, the signatories to the agreement in November 2009 submitted a revised version of the settlement agreement, hoping to appease the public discontent. Chen Zhuoguang previously granted preliminary approval of the revised edition of the settlement agreement.

Writers Writers Union, the United States early this year, three submitted to the U.S. Congress wrote a joint letter: "If the court's final approval of revised edition of Google book settlement agreement, to handle millions of American writers have been locked in the agreement among these writers are do not want to subject to the agreement. the United States Writers Association represents the interests of the United States a small number of writers, while the revised edition of Google book settlement agreement will not only harm the legitimate interests of the individual writers, but also a violation of the United States customary law and copyright protection laws and regulations. "

Google in court documents filed last week to its authors and books have made an agreement reached between the defense, saying the practice of digital library creation and dissemination of copyright law expressive of the book's intentions. So far, Google has scanned more than 1200 million books. U.S. Department of Justice has said that Google and the plaintiff has the original parties to the settlement agreement made significant improvements, but the agreement "there is still a major problem."

As planned, the New York Southern District Federal Court on February 18, 2010, held on this so-called fairness hearing, the amended agreement, supporters and opponents in this hearing will be presenting their point of view. In addition, the U.S. Department of Justice will be held early this year, revised version of the Google books agreement has been formally respond.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Google NexusOne early termination charges down to 150 U.S. dollars

According to foreign media reported today, Google, through technical support forum said that mobile phones have been NexusOne premature termination fee cut from 350 U.S. dollars to 150 U.S. dollars.

Prior to that, for those who cancel within 120 days, the use of T-Mobile agreement NexusOne users, Google will charge 350 U.S. dollars of the "equipment recovery fee." In addition, users need to T-Mobile to pay 200 U.S. dollars in early termination fees.

Recently, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission has begun to investigate Google, T-Mobile, as well as other major U.S. carriers charge early termination policy.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Google case of trouble in Europe this month, four executives to stand trial in Italy

Following the Google threat to withdraw from China and stir up trouble after the recent trouble in Europe again. "The New York Times" February 3, said Google and Europe because of privacy protection, copy protection, and monopoly markets and so on, and European legislation departments, regulatory authorities and consumer protection organizations frictions and conflicts, contradictions upgrade.

Google swelling caused by the European alert

In Europe, the market share of more than Google

Companies in the U.S. market share. Google continued to expand and scale of ambition continues to expand, has aroused the vigilance of some European politicians.

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi currently being promoted by the introduction of the Internet regulation laws, regulatory targets, including Google's video sharing site YouTube. Meanwhile, the Berlusconi family's Mediaset has sued YouTube copyright infringement, raised 780 million U.S. dollars in astronomical amounts claimed. Industry, said: "Google in Italy is undergoing a full-scale war."

German Minister of Justice Schnarrenberger previously publicly stated: "Overall, Google is becoming a global monopoly giants like Microsoft."

Google cares about this month, four executives to stand trial

Google faces challenges in Europe, may be the first to be staged in Italy. This month, Google executives of the four trials will begin hearing the district court in Milan, Italy. Google's video site YouTube has broadcast over the section of "abuse of youth with autism," the video. The incident took place in Google in 2006 before the acquisition of YouTube. After the incident, the Italian division of Google removed this video, but still protecting the interests of institutions in patients with Down syndrome ViviDown proceedings.

In addition, Italian authorities raided last summer, Google's office in Milan to begin a public inquiry launched Google News. Italian distributors had complained that Google News infringes their copyrights. In addition, the German newspaper and magazine publishers have also complained that all their site's advertising revenues are only about 100 million euros a year, but the Google search in Germany every year ad revenue reached 1.2 billion euros. Currently, Germany's antitrust division is gathering evidence, not yet decided whether to launch an investigation.

Competitors may initiate anti-trust lawsuit

Competitors, including Microsoft, are currently active in Europe, started lobbying to emphasize Google's dominant position in Europe. Microsoft General Counsel Brad said: "No matter what, and when a major market share in more than 90%, people will inevitably have begun to question."

According to statistics, Google accounted for 80% of the European online search market share, and the company in the U.S. search market share is only 65%. Market analysts believe that Google's competitors in the home may be launched in Europe, anti-trust lawsuit against the company.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

China Youth Internet Addiction in 2009 compared to 14.1% in the report was released

The data survey results show that at present China's urban youth addiction young Internet users account for about 14.1% of young people, the number was about 24.042 million people, the proportion with basically the same as in 2005, higher in 2007. However, as the number of Internet users increase in the number of young addiction in 2005, 2007, nearly twice as much. It is noteworthy that addiction young people in the age distribution of the upward trend in young people aged 18-23 years the highest proportion of Internet addiction, followed by 24-29 years of age. Compared with 2005, 13 to-17 age group the proportion of youth Internet addiction has been reduced, the 18-23 age group the proportion of youth Internet addiction has increased. This fully shows that the relevant state departments in helping the health of minors online has done a lot of fruitful work.

Youth addiction to "online game addicts," mostly

Net addiction is mainly young people, "online game addiction," followed by "Cyber-relationship Addiction." Nearly half of Internet Addiction adolescents (47.9%) to "playing games" as its main purpose of the Internet, and spent the longest time, as "Internet Addiction"; 13.2% of net addiction of young people in "chat or friends" the time spent on the longest, are "networking addiction." In the Internet purposes, net addiction among young people choose to "play games" as the main purpose of the proportion of the Internet (47.9%), far higher than non-Internet addiction among young people choose this option the proportion (21.1%); and non-addiction among young people to "study and work" (45.5%) as the main purpose of the Internet was significantly higher than the proportion of youth Internet addiction (31.5%). In order to "play online games as the main purpose of the Internet" in Internet addiction among young people, 38.1% "have participated in online games Association", but to "play online games as the main purpose of the Internet" non-Internet addiction among young people, only 17.7 % of people have taken part. Moreover, "the Society participated in online games" in Internet addiction among young people, 72.0% say "the Society to participate in online games, the Internet access time increases," while "the Society participated in online games" non-Internet addiction among young people, the proportion was 52.0%.

A low level of economic development the high proportion of urban youth addiction

Studies have shown that low levels of socio-economic development of the city, the development of addiction is higher than the proportion of adolescents with high levels of the city. Large developed cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou addiction proportion of young people were 8.1%, 8.7%, 8.3%, while the less developed outlying cities, such as Guiyang, Yinchuan, Lhasa addiction proportion of young people was 31.8%, respectively , 20.5%, 13.7%. The reason for the high level of development of urban young people's access network of a higher frequency, time early, understanding and use of the network, the more developed cities in the more mature; In addition, the developed cities in contact with young people's education and extra-curricular activities, resources are relatively rich, young people will be to arrange for more spare time has nothing to do with the network issues. And underdeveloped city's young people to study or live if for tired, there is no other place to go, there is no other things to do, they are more vulnerable to Internet cafes, leading to addiction.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Motorola's second Android phone on sale in March

According to foreign media reports, Verizon Wireless (hereinafter referred to as "Verizon") Wednesday, said in March that the company will start selling Motorola's second system, based on Google Android smart phone Devour.

For the fourth quarter, Motorola's first smart phone using the Android system Droid sold well, helped Verizon had previously been recovered by AT & T to grab some market share. Currently, Motorola is entirely dependent on Android-based smart phone to restructure its handset business sector, which has been in the past few years, behind Nokia, Apple and RIM and other competitors.

Verizon said that, Devnour will be provided by the company's first software and services Motoblur use of Motorola phones, it has 3.1 inches touch screen, preloaded with Gmail, Google search and Google applications such as navigation, the user need to contract with Verizon Wireless data services and voice calls, the program may use. Verizon voice calls, the program starts at 39.99 U.S. dollars monthly, including the Internet and send and receive e-mail the contents of the monthly unlimited data services cost was 29.99 U.S. dollars.

Motoblur developed by Motorola, an innovative solution, whose role is the management and integration for mobile phones from work e-mail to other social networking activities, exchange of behaviors that can synchronize contacts, SMS, message boards, e-mail, photos and other Updated information can also be synchronized from Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Gmail and work and personal e-mail updates and these updates automatically pushed to your phone desktop, so users do not have opening and closing a variety of mobile applications can be readily Check out the latest content.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Opportunities of things to win overwhelming Taiwan manufacturers present their technology

Of things become China's strategic and emerging industries, the United States, South Korea has also actively promoted. Recently, Taiwan's Topology Research Institute that the Taiwan plant by virtue of technological capabilities, cut into the low-cost sensitive products, Lots of competition-related business opportunities.

Topology suggests that Taiwan manufacturers can first be cut into the intelligent medical and intelligent transportation, establish UHF tag design, particularly for integrated radio frequency (RF) module of the SoC (system-on-chip) design and ultra-high frequency antenna design capability, it will be Taiwan manufacturers to develop complex network of the most important technical support for one of the keys.

In addition, Taiwan manufacturers can pay special attention to China's National Standardization Authority's own future in the leading radio frequency identification (RFID) Agreement on development issues, and the electronic tag national standards, and even their own 3G standard, and integration of things related to agreements and infrastructure.

Topology production research, says that Taiwanese plants are required to note is that in the "Global Internet of things" and "state of things", the "city of things," "car of things," "the wisdom of the family of things" and "personal lines Animal Network "and other business opportunities for Taiwan companies more solid, physical networking opportunities will be overwhelming an item off this year.

Monday, February 1, 2010

The fourth quarter of 2009, worldwide mobile phone shipments up 10%

According to market research firm Strategy Analytics released a research report that the global mobile phone shipments in 2009 to 324.4 million over 2008's 293.8 million over the same period increased by 10%. This is a global mobile phone industry since 2008, the first increase since the third quarter.

Other research institutions also observed the same trend. ABI Research said he believes the fourth quarter of 2009, worldwide mobile phone shipments in the third quarter 2009 increased by 15%. However, the intense competition reduced the average selling price of mobile phones. In the fourth quarter average selling price of handsets 117.55 U.S. dollars, a decrease of 2%.

Nokia and Samsung Electronics in the fourth quarter have increased market share. Nokia's market share increased to 37.7%. Samsung's market share increased to 20.5%.

Nokia and Samsung Electronics are not the only growth companies. Other shipments of mobile phone makers have also increased. LG Electronics mobile phone shipments in the fourth quarter and even the creation of the record. Apple's smart phone shipments doubled over the same period last year. In the fourth quarter, shipments of Apple's iPhone is about 8.7 million, a year earlier shipments of Apple's iPhone is about 4.4 million.

However, there are some cell phone manufacturers are still predicament. According to ABI Research, in 2009 updated its product line, Motorola is still to lose market share. Sony Ericsson's market share has declined.

Analysts put the growth in mobile phone shipments in the fourth quarter due to consumer confidence, growth and the growth in demand for smart phones.

However, unlike in 2008 compared to the year 2009, handset shipments declined by about 4%. However, the strong momentum of the end of 2009 shows that, once again, as consumers began to buy mobile phones, mobile phone industry has passed the worst of times.