Wednesday, June 3, 2009

DIY computers and ultimately, a good motherboard

from the acticle 厦门电脑

Despite the growing number of people tend to buy machines, but there are some people like to find their own sense of achievement assembly. Capacity is very cheap now, and the past, mainstream configuration installed a million computer needs five or six thousand, are only about 3,000 yuan. Therefore, we hope to be able to find a motherboard home price in the 500-600 yuan.

Often on behalf of manufacturers of higher quality products, such as Gigabyte, MSI, Jetway motherboard and several other brands are more popular. Blu-ray a Jetway P43, very good quality, price is also very friendly and as long as the 390, with the Hummer family is different from the main energy-ray series, but this does not hinder its performance.

In the selection of motherboards, we have to pay attention to the main board of the milling, it is able to see the workmanship and quality of the motherboard, for example, the source of our day in the Expo-ming, Department of Computer Cyberport found GIGABYTE Price 599 yuan of GA-EG41M-S2H, on Department adopted the curved corners of the chamfering process, in order to avoid users to be scratched when DIY.

Fang-ming, the source of the city computer computer 499 yuan Price G41TM-E43 of the MSI motherboard, on the local increase in the ordinary thick gold plating to enhance oxidation resistance performance, increased life slot. Poor quality of some of the main board after a number of plug sockets, the metal reed is easily damaged, in particular maintenance problems. Also need to pay attention to details, is there any heat back motherboard Article tin, such as sports days, the source of the way computer technology offer Hui Chengdong the Biostar 590 motherboard TA790GXBA2 + tin on the installation of a cooling section in order to speed up the cooling.

Motherboard rise more, the better its quality, the price will be higher, there are 4 common and 6 laminates laminates, the surface is a two-tier alignment layer, the middle is a two-tier or multi-layer power and the shielding layer. In general, the 6 electrical laminates have better performance and the ability of anti-electromagnetic.

Because of the different layers, Via a different approach to the Expo-day city sewon source computer PC 599 yuan offer the GIGABYTE GA-MA78GM-US2H motherboard as an example, the guide hole on the observation of the sun, if we can light, that it is mediated directly penetrated the 4-hole plate, if not, it is a 6-hole plate buried. The current price of between 500-600 million motherboards are 6 laminates.

Manufacturers of solder joints in general are very clean and tidy, wiring rules. At the time of purchase can be hand stroking the back of the motherboard to see whether a high spot or less the same whether or not beating about the bush between the solder joint. Finally, we should look at the main board of the wiring, the better the product, and its equipment to the control connection between the chip are as short as possible. HD Expo Constant vertical city computer computer wiring Jetway X-BLUEP45 very clean and very valuable to set aside a WiFi port.

from the acticle 厦门电脑