Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Steelers Super Bowl MVP accused of attacks on women

1 Florida women are prosecute Pittsburgh Steelers foreign take over Santonio Holmes, saying it Name had won Super Bowl MVP player in Orlando nightclub with a glass hit her facial and propose compensated her avoid She prosecution.

Anshonoe Mills in Wednesday prosecution said, Holmes seize her face and a glass threw her only because in 7 March she rainy night club sitting a VIP seats sofa. Litigation said glass concentrated Mills facial right, almost scratch her eyes. This long four page indictment also said Holmes and one police Zeng intimidation her so she not prosecution. Litigation said Holmes compensation Mills, because he a NFL star, unaffordable into trouble. According litigation woman feel pressure incoherent tell police he was hit facial and is bloodshed, but will not prosecution. Mills are from Holmes there seek over 10,005 1000 U.S. dollars damages Holmes won 2008 season Super Bowl MVP.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The position of the players worth ranking

According to NFL Players Association's data were converted from the various locations up 5 / 10 highest-paid player, on average, by all the players and the transition player tag location of the NT are as follows:

Quarterback, the label 10.73 million U.S. dollars, the Transitional 9.5 million U.S. dollars

Kok Wei, 9.465 million U.S. dollars / 7.659 million U.S. dollars

Defensive end, 8.879 million U.S. dollars / 7.679 million U.S. dollars

Line Wei, 8.065 million U.S. dollars / 7.335 million U.S. dollars

Foreign take over the 7.848 million U.S. dollars / 6.872 million U.S. dollars

Offensive forwards, 7.455 million U.S. dollars / 6.895 million U.S. dollars

Running Wei, 6.538 million U.S. dollars / 5.699 million U.S. dollars

Defensive Tackle, 6.363 million U.S. dollars / 5.654 million U.S. dollars

Tight end, 4.522 million U.S. dollars / 3.733 million U.S. dollars

Zhongwei, 4.396 million U.S. dollars / 3.893 million U.S. dollars

Punt Hand / kicker, 2.514 million U.S. dollars / 2.245 million U.S. dollars

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Plan to promote started Martin was invited to Washington before the National Assembly members confirmed

Martin said: "From this point of view and obviously it looks like is totally unpredictable," and noted that he had been told that a former NFL player nervous system when the problem started, when he could not find him in the parking lot parked car. Many retired players worry about the problem as a larger precursor in the near future they will forget where they parked.

Plan to promote started Martin was invited to Washington before the National Assembly members confirmed. "They not only want to know the problem here, but also for taking steps to address this issue." He said. He said the NFL players union did not participate in the neuroscience program. "We have to reach out to the players union, and we will continue to do that," he said. "We know they have been very active group of retired players. We hope to reach out and become one."

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Chairman said that once the coaches are well aware of the details of the rules

Mackay coach Jeff Wada Naxitaitan - Fisher, as well as other competitions contact the Committee Chairman said that once the coaches are well aware of the details of the rules, they soon began to like this change. Team owner the day before the vote, which become the hot topic of discussion, even earlier than expected. One of the coach, the Tigers Marvin - Lewis serves on the Committee. In his vote against the team a few hours ago, Lewis agreed to change the rules. "The competition there are many factors that play a role," Lewis said. "For all the proposals we are discussing, I think this is the most perfect one." Mackay said the key change of the rules is that "there is no stage of the race" is the "adverse impact" .

The players union has said that any changes on overtime should be discussed by the entire letter. Of course, a contract between the Union and the players expires in March next year. Although the Competition Commission in February this year, and the players union have been briefly discussed a possible change in overtime rules. But the players union this week, has not been consulted. Denver Broncos team catcher Brandon - Situokeli do not like the rules change. "I just think they should maintain the current rules," he said. "It makes things interesting, some people do not like throwing coins, but that it was his direction of development. If you are the first on the defensive, and you do not have the ball right, you go to stop them from advancing."

Monday, March 22, 2010

Hawks and Daryl - tap 3-year contract

Daryl - tap was looking forward to a new start. Being traded to the Philadelphia Eagles two days later, tap 4 and the team this week signed a 3-year contract. For the effectiveness of four seasons in Seattle after the 25-year-old tap will compete for a starting left defensive end position. "I think changes in the environment would be a good thing," said tap. "I think last year I have a 2.5 sack, but frankly speaking in my eyes, I feel that was my best performance year. I have a 2.5 sack and 18 quarterback hits. Last year, we in the Seattle objective environment is a difficult situation. Therefore, the data often do not reflect the actual situation. It was only the symptoms you see. "

The team of other initiatives, and defensive end Darren - John Howard and Kevin took over the outside - Curtis termination.

Hawks in order to get tap will be defensive end Chris - Clemons, and next month, the fourth-round draft picks sent to Seattle, tap in the 2006 second-round draft pick has been selected Seahawks , in the 64 games he participated in a 18 sack, 2 steals, 8, and forcing the ball out the ball away four times to restore. He and Victor - Abiyami Lane, Juqua Parker competition and the All-Star right side front Trent - Cole partner playing time.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Two-year contract with the Cardinals quarterback Anderson

Arizona Cardinals team on a two-year contract with two free agent quarterback Derek - Anderson to reach an agreement.

Arizona, the introduction of this who had a quarterback selected All-Star Game the aim is to find a quarterback and the team is Matt - Renate competition, Renate is Kurt - Warner, the team only after retirement 11 are under contract of quarterback.

Anderson on March 9 was CLEVELAND termination, ending the team five years, the hard work is not flat. Anderson in 2007, named All-Star Game that season he has 29 touchdowns passes and led the team achieved 10 wins six negative results. The beginning of last season, when Anderson lost the starting position, Brad - Quinn replaced him, and later returned to the starting lineup once again relegated to the bench, Quinn injured when he returned to the starting lineup and led Cleveland to win down the the last two games.

2005 Cleveland has been cut by Baltimore, Anderson.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Washington Redskins signed with Larry Johnson

Running back Larry - Johnson and Washington Redskins team to sign a three-year contract. The basis of the contract value of 3.5 million U.S. dollars, but if Johnson's performance can meet certain excitation conditions, he can get 12 million U.S. dollars.

Johnson, a two-time All-Star team, in the Kansas City Chiefs and Cincinnati Bengals the effectiveness of eight seasons, he washed the ball a total of 6219 yards and 55 touchdowns.

Redskins coach Mike - Johnson, Shanahan said the team's backcourt was a "great complement", which also includes running back Clinton - portis.

Johnson was in November last year, Emirates Team contract termination and the Bengals signed, but now he will be his second year of unemployment in the back track. His Twitter on his Kansas City coach Todd - Haley's coaching ability was questioned.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Pittsburgh quarterback accused of sexual abuse of the main

This week, a quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers - Rosser Wrisberg hired a prominent defense lawyer, said on a college student who has twice received the Super Bowl players in Georgia where a nightclub to her regarding the sexual abuse of their defense. The 20-year-old female student told police, Rosser Wrisberg with friends another drink from the bar on Friday morning, she was sexually assaulted. Rosser Wrisberg has not yet been charged.

"Facts have proved that there is no criminal activity regarding the sexual assault did not happen," lawyer Ed - Garland on Monday issued a statement, "This is completely innocent." Milledgeville Police at a press conference that they expect to the next few days, and Rosser Wrisberg conduct interviews. They said that did not collect their DNA samples, but is likely to do so. The Administration also said that the woman hired a lawyer, but they will not reveal his identity. The woman's name has not been announced. They hope to meet with about eight individuals, and said that is reviewing the video from multiple enterprises. They refused to elaborate. "The survey is under way, and now all too early to publish any notice," said Archer Circuit Judicial Council, the district attorney Fred - Brett said, "when we have sufficient evidence and making decisions, you will to know. "

Rosser Wrisberg in Milledgeville, 30 miles north of Lake Oconee in a home, he was a woman on charges in 2008 in Lake Tahoe Hotel and Casino raped her, a charge that he was to be strongly denied.

Steelers general manager of Art - Rooney II said in a statement Monday, the team is closely monitoring the situation Milledgeville. "We have all the Steelers players are very concerned about the recent incident in Georgia this live. Rothery Wrisberg body thing," the statement said, "until the end of law enforcement investigations, we can not comment on any details of the . "

Rosser Wrisberg's new lawyer Garland has served in a federal weapons charges for the rapper TI hand-defense, as well as in a murder case for the Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis defense. The results of more serious allegations against Lewis was revoked, he was a misdemeanor obstruction of justice to plead guilty.

Monday, March 8, 2010

New Orleans Saints last-minute counterattack

After the start of the fourth quarter, Colts Yaosui pull teeth trying to score her surprise, Manning's pass on the dumb fire Daoqian Chang, A generation of each ball break only a mere two yards, it is impatient sigh eating hot tofu, with great difficulty to a seemingly able to play any ball position, the original guide is being said Colts kicker starter Vinattieri where to go, and Christopher put any of this has passed the ball 51 yards lost, Here to explain Vinattieri wounding can not play games, Christopher is a mid-season signing of the temporary workers, appears to accumulate the character is not enough. Saints get the ball right, Bush, Thomas exposed after a small plane reduced to a supporting role, Brisbane said with actions to take over games, continued to promote the success of passing quickly into the red zone, the whole game not seen Jeremy - Shockey touchdown catch, then select two points additional points the Saints, Moore's touchdown was disallowed, stubborn Saints coach Payton successfully challenged, in the cheers, the Saints got the 2 points after the 7 points ahead 24-17.

Manning wanted to get the ball again after the turn the tide, and soon after a half-court pass, but cornerback Porter popped up suddenly broke Manning's passing, and the way the ball ran into the end zone Colts touchdowns ill-prepared team has not made a pony escort who followed the original Manning had the ball forward only pave the way for this defensive touchdowns the distance only. To 17-31 behind 14 points Colts kill Hongle Yan, Ah-generation ball crazy run Daoqian Chang, Colts get touchdowns opportunities, but Manning pass on several occasions have been destroyed, more than 50 left in the game seconds when the Colts lost the ball right to the basic declaration of Saints team to win, the audience cheered a Saints fan.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Battle Cameroon and Italy mediocre

Lippi bold use of a 343 formation, Di Natale, Marco Borriello and kossou Trident. Such a configuration in the history of Marcello Lippi's team only once, in 2005 and Ecuador a more than a draw. 3 guard, Bonucci, Fabio Cannavaro and Chiellini really well, reflecting the Italian defensive capabilities, defensive game is also Italy's most desirable areas. Once the defense, left and right sides of the Kelixituo and Marjorie are the equivalent of 5 retracement back, kossou and Di Natale had withdrawn midfield as 541.

Despite the ugly game, but the ability of the Italian defense was played out back in the 2006 World Cup a strong defensive self-confidence. Cameroon, the whole game shooting only 3 feet, while the number of shots on goal to 0. If Lippi said, "We held down the first half after the market was a bit flat, but the defense people full of confidence."

The cost of strengthening the defensive nature to sacrifice offense, 433 play in Pirlo's more like a Qianyao connecting the front. Today's 343, Andrea Pirlo and De Rossi as pairs of lumbar, they are initiated by the Italian attack points, the retracement Borriello Milan play the ball is similar, can be either Di Natale or kossou are Ronaldinho did not like the ball well up front, Italy effects poor positional warfare. Lippi two wings of the expected breakthrough in creating opportunities for the center, but the plug is not Kelixituo and Marjorie sharp. One person alone is difficult to drive from Andrea Pirlo Italy's attack, counterattack, positioning the ball in order to manufacture these threats.

The first 13 minutes, Italian corner, kossou header ferry, Chiellini on the door line before jacking the ball, but the offside. The first 32 minutes, but also kossou biography to Di Natale, Serie A's top scorer he denied a shot by Cameroon goalkeeper. Kossou somewhat bright, but an attack on the organization can help Pirlo's role is very critical, once again highlighted the importance of Totti.