Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Pittsburgh quarterback accused of sexual abuse of the main

This week, a quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers - Rosser Wrisberg hired a prominent defense lawyer, said on a college student who has twice received the Super Bowl players in Georgia where a nightclub to her regarding the sexual abuse of their defense. The 20-year-old female student told police, Rosser Wrisberg with friends another drink from the bar on Friday morning, she was sexually assaulted. Rosser Wrisberg has not yet been charged.

"Facts have proved that there is no criminal activity regarding the sexual assault did not happen," lawyer Ed - Garland on Monday issued a statement, "This is completely innocent." Milledgeville Police at a press conference that they expect to the next few days, and Rosser Wrisberg conduct interviews. They said that did not collect their DNA samples, but is likely to do so. The Administration also said that the woman hired a lawyer, but they will not reveal his identity. The woman's name has not been announced. They hope to meet with about eight individuals, and said that is reviewing the video from multiple enterprises. They refused to elaborate. "The survey is under way, and now all too early to publish any notice," said Archer Circuit Judicial Council, the district attorney Fred - Brett said, "when we have sufficient evidence and making decisions, you will to know. "

Rosser Wrisberg in Milledgeville, 30 miles north of Lake Oconee in a home, he was a woman on charges in 2008 in Lake Tahoe Hotel and Casino raped her, a charge that he was to be strongly denied.

Steelers general manager of Art - Rooney II said in a statement Monday, the team is closely monitoring the situation Milledgeville. "We have all the Steelers players are very concerned about the recent incident in Georgia this live. Rothery Wrisberg body thing," the statement said, "until the end of law enforcement investigations, we can not comment on any details of the . "

Rosser Wrisberg's new lawyer Garland has served in a federal weapons charges for the rapper TI hand-defense, as well as in a murder case for the Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis defense. The results of more serious allegations against Lewis was revoked, he was a misdemeanor obstruction of justice to plead guilty.

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