Sunday, January 31, 2010

Experts say the policy to lift triple play IPTV detention

Audio-visual services is one of the core business of triple play, IPTV over broadband IP networks can not only provide audio and video programs, text messaging and networking games, rich information services, but also deep integration with the communications business, providing new convergence-based services.
In recent years, the global IPTV market continues rapid growth, it is estimated that the global IPTV subscribers by the end of 2009 reached 40 million. In China, despite the constraints of the pre-policy restricted the development of IPTV, but the telecommunications companies and broadcasting sector or in the permit to actively explore cooperation within the framework of carrying out commercial IPTV trial by the user's welcome, achieved good economic and social benefits.
By the end of 2009, China's IPTV users has reached 4.6 million over three consecutive annual growth rate of close to 100% as the world's fastest-growing regions. Believed that with the gradual implementation of various policy measures, the next few years the development of IPTV in China will enter the fast lane.
Global IPTV development and our experience shows that commercial IPTV trial, IPTV can not only expand the development of digital content distribution channels to increase the ARPU value of broadband operators, and can effectively stimulate China-related equipment manufacturing and software industry. Benefited from the pre-trial, driven by commercial and domestic IPTV equipment manufacturers, terminal, middleware, chips and other industry chain gradually growing, key equipment and software has not only all the localization is also a place in the international arena.
The policy will also promote the triple play IPTV industry development of domestic far-reaching impact. Technology and standards, the original doors and broadcasting Telecommunications independently IPTV and interactive TV is expected to improve the status of standardization to form a unified national standard for network interconnection and resource sharing for IPTV key technological innovation and industrialization are also expected to support further strengthened. Industries, IPTV advantages of the manufacturing sector will be further strengthened, IPTV content delivery, business operations, network operators and other sectors will be able to cooperate more smoothly, different subjects will also be the policy of fair competition under the guidance of the end users will be more convenient enjoy the integration of information services. As regards monitoring, under the impetus of the policy measures, institutional mechanisms will be further straightened out the rights and responsibilities clear IPTV under the new regulatory system, IPTV network and information security and cultural security will also be better protected.
Of course, although the promulgation of a policy is conducive to the development of IPTV, but the triple play involves a lot of interests, the road ahead will not be smooth sailing, there are still many uncertain factors, have to face many difficulties and obstacles.