Friday, July 30, 2010

Cashman finished meeting yesterday afternoon and then return to New York in the morning

Yankees baseball through high-level meeting two days ago, the concerns about the fate of head coach Joe Torre is still no decision on the issue. Yankees general manager Cashman said yesterday that if the Yankees decided to "re-employed" person, the need for some "negotiations", now is the beginning of all programs. Torre Yankees twelve years in charge, the contract will expire at the end of October, he led the Yankees into the playoffs successive years, won four world titles, but after two thousand years since that year has not been re-title, but also the first round of the playoffs for three consecutive years in Waterloo.

Cashman finished meeting yesterday afternoon and then return to New York in the morning and hardships in south Florida, accompanied by Torre, Torre apparently fate of new changes have emerged.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Although the Rockies scored six straight postseason so far has been non-old "lame"

National League Championship Series Rockies played more and more exciting, but the American audience does not pay, due to perform in the Rockies, Diamondbacks are among the small-market teams, the lack of array collection of popular superstar, making the National League Championship before the ratings were the two wars America Only 3.6,2.2, far below the average of 4.9 League Championship Series history.

Although the Rockies scored six straight postseason so far has been non-old "lame", but it seems that only the Denver fans to join in fighting the two armies engage in fierce battle the second series to 11 Council, a leading Rocky was tied twice, and finally Sidewinder air to go 3-2, wonderful war situation has become "ratings poison," with 2.2 ratings average 4.9 to less than half.

Compared to the National League Championship Series "very poor" ratings, the American League Red Sox because of popular crack blessing ratings "hanging", to the first battle Red Sox, Indians emit Becket (Josh Beckett) VS Shabaxiya ( CC Sabathia) of "The Prestige" play yards, setting a 4.8 ratings score, the second war armies fight in 5 hours 15 minutes, the last Indians 13:6 clearance, ratings soared to 5.7, which went 11-point night After the two teams into the playoff of the ratings better.

Monday, July 26, 2010

May in order to Qiju scoreless Diamondbacks beat the performance of the Francis

Season end pulled straight squeeze into the playoffs the Colorado Rockies, victory continued to promote the record, the key to today rely on two points Gerpe hits, and starting pitcher Francis six and two-thirds Council's outstanding performance, In the United States, Major League Baseball MLB National League Championship Series snake successful capture of five to one home team Arizona Diamondbacks fell to the ground, to obtain a zero lead.

May in order to Qiju scoreless Diamondbacks beat the performance of the Francis, g snake seems to have learned, today lost only one point, struck out four, walked one another sent, scored the win.

First-round playoff sweep of Philadelphia with three zero's Los Angeles, has won the last 19 games, 18 wins.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Los Angeles offensive resurgence under eight innings

Los Angeles offensive resurgence under eight innings, taking advantage of reliever Romero (JC Romero) position is not firm, fairly quickly (Garrett Atkins), high P (Brad Hawpe) hit a series of rate security accounts for one third base, He more than coach (Clint Hurdle) act decisively to enable pinch Baker, Baker does not live up to the expectations of the audience 50 thousand fans, and swing back to right field rolled to hit 1 minute, Rocky beat 1 minute on to the Phillies .

Have to rely on the regular season, "overtime" that the Los Angeles playoff, playoff dates back to the previous 1995, when the Atlanta Braves three games on the face of being wound up to go home. Can say that this is a surprise trip to Los Angeles, Los Angeles will be the next 12 Taipei time expeditions Arizona, launched the first National League Championship Series experience.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Damon hit the first spring home run I would hit the right fielder

Wang today (5) in the first round vote in the first major battle in command, but he's serious disorders ball, pitched 4.2 inning knocked nine hits, including two home runs, even a 4 walks exit breath lost 8 points, 3 to 12, the Yankees finally defeat to the Cleveland Indians, built a career playoff Aberdeen tragedy swallowed the first failure.

Damon hit the first spring home run I would hit the right fielder, the Yankees have to point Cenci; Wang, although under a Council on Saizi Mo (Grady Sizemore) cast body touch the ball and allows the A. Cabrera (Asdrubal Cabrera ) hit a double play to play, Hafner (Travis Hafner) was walked, Martinez (Victor Martinez), Jia Ke (Ryan Garko) continuous command security, building Tsai Xiandiu 1 minute, then walked Perata (Jhonny Peralta) form a full base, Lofton (Kenny Lofton) make up timely hits, the Indians and then the next two points, but Perata was caught in a rundown in the second, between third base. Bureau of Building, Aberdeen, on the use of the first 29 balls, also lost the next three points.

Second Board under the Gutileizi (Franklin Gutierrez) play third base fly ball out, Blake (Casey Blake) was Chien-Ming Wang struck out, Saizimoan marked base, and then launch a stolen base, but was killed Posada resistance at second base before.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

As for the fight, the angel of the team batting average in Major League 2

In contrast Becket angel this year a race was a win 2 games, his ERA is only 1.38, although not as Shang Banji Porsche Carrera outstanding performance, but the ball commentary in the eyes of the odds or greater.

As for the fight, the angel of the team batting average in Major League 2, 84 percent ranked No. 4, Team 139 stolen bases better than the Red Sox to speed Leibao with the manufacturing of destructive capability, which is the investment up Red Sox group were needed extra attention.

Red Sox and Angels are hidden. Red Sox's Manny Ramirez (Manny Ramirez) just returned from injury to end of the quarter, showing how the yet to be seen; Hideki Okajima into strength against the wall on the end of the quarter, can withstand the pressure of the playoffs is a big challenge; heavily poached The Gang Niye (Eric Gagne) Santianliangtou play set on fire, but also had a solid bullpen to combat impaired.

The angel is 3 months starting outfielder Gerui Luo (Vladimir Guerrero), Michael Hughes (Gary Matthews Jr.) And Anderson (Garret Anderson) in the daily watch list, but fortunately Ge Ruiluo can also serve as designated hitter, Otherwise, the reduction of guns, angel attack power will become more weak.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Clansmen and Villager a race this season a total of 9 games

Although the 4 consecutive games as a starter, but the Clansmen and Villager's stick seemed to be frozen into the database, following the last four at bats without hits later today (28) Clansmen and Villager still pay out four hits, hit a few 0's embarrassing results, to prove that he to adapt to the harsh environment the Alliance also the time, Dodge and closing 4 to 10 in the home of Colorado Rockies Tongzai tragic.

Yesterday, a second status bar is no contribution to the start of the Clansmen and Villager, today re-transferred back to the eighth bar, the three Board seats under the first 1 hit in the face Rocky start Morales (Franklin Morales), Clansmen and Villager shot guerrilla grounder out; of five under the Clansmen and Villager play second base or just blocked the Earth.

Qi Ju second half of the Clansmen and Villager experienced relief pitcher Rocky Julio (Jorge Julio), although a good fight in the two three bad, he was Julio 96 miles of the interior angle with a fast ball cheat, hitting the formation of strikeouts, nine innings last under a dozen seats, Clansmen and Villager only play second base out of the earth, but also the end of the game today.

Clansmen and Villager a race this season a total of 9 games, 4 games start, knocked in 19 at bats only 4 hits, of which two are home runs, batting average dropped to only 2 percent of 11, while now he had 5 consecutive games there strikeouts, said he's elected ball skill needs to be strengthened.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Since early September as an expanded list of Dodge

In addition to combat areas, so, the Clansmen and Villager on today in the garrison is zero error, and at three, four Councils in the completion of a double plays nice fielding effective offensive in the fight against rattlesnakes.

Since early September as an expanded list of Dodge, a smooth rise in the major leagues, the Clansmen and Villager played six times, seven at bats hit two hits against the rate of 2 into 86 points and the two RBI, one home run, 3 strikeouts. As the Dodge Dynasty Buddha fixed starting shortstop (Rafael Furcal) back injury and sick, the current lack of game six consecutive games, so Clansmen and Villager in the last week of the regular season debut is still a lot of opportunities, Taiwan's fans can expect a good look.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

MLS savior of the Washington Nationals (Strasbourg) back to God

MLS savior of the Washington Nationals (Strasbourg) back to God, and he said today in the national team and the San Francisco Giants game, pitched six innings, only in the first game to the other hit an all-base play, assisted him in his teammates under fire, and closing the national team eight to one Tongzai giant, A Short History of nearly one month after the interval, Adds a pitcher. Career record three wins Liang Bai.

From June 13 after the bag is no small victory into history, today carried out in the national team home game, the first game, it sent a home run, the situation is quite bad, good, once the national team fired back, put more than one council, the number of under leveled, the next of five small history hit the other side only two hits, plus a walk, striking out eight opponents, the National Team of Dunn in the third to a spring home run, breaking a tie impasse, the seventh, Nationals fire outbreak, a Bureau won the quarter, including a Dunn home runs in the second contribution of the two points, leading the national team widened the range and closing eight to one to win the race.

Friday, July 9, 2010

He struck out the first game off the Red Sox the first two consecutive stick Shikuteluo

He struck out the first game off the Red Sox the first two consecutive stick Shikuteluo (Marco Scutaro) and sent Asian Capital (Dustin Pedroia), and soared out of the ball speed of 100 miles, the status of the body looks okay. He also completely control the first three Board situation, and his teammates in the second, 32 Council, also helped him from the Red Sox starting pitcher Recchi (John Lackey) in the hands scored 4 points to lead 4-0.

Ximannizi quarter results so dazzling, of course, starting 14 games are quality starts. That is, he points out a single field never more than 3 points. In fact, he lost only 3 points a game. Therefore, the gap 4 point lead, seemed to indicate that his 14 wins this season will be into the bags. But baseball, really Yaoda the know! Perhaps it is because Ximannizi condition began to affect his life, the fourth game point of his apparent problem! Of course, Ximannizi If there are shortcomings pitch, is his point! But the game, from the fourth game on to his exit, the difference between good and bad ball is too big (hard to fool the batter)! Ball is also down. The fourth game he lost 2 points, not too surprising. The next four in the second half, Ximannizi stick fight back against his 1 minute, so that number into a 5:2 ratio, it seems that everything has "returned to normal," the.

But the sixth is his real nightmare begins! Body to touch the ball first, Bell K Choi (Adrian Beltre), the next bar Red Sox's "rookie sensation" Nava (Daniel Nava), and win his support of this second doubles, playing back his personal The third RBI, is Red Sox third points. The next bar Rui Dike (Josh Reddick), although the Ximannizi strikeouts, get out the Council's second number, but then the next bar, just hit the three homers this season Mike when Snow (Darnell McDonald ), a stick and win two-run homer. Ximannizi season for the first time officially off the hook!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

This is the first game both 3 Lien Chan, to send ace pitcher Justin Verlander Tigers led

New York Mets today (23) hit line boomed, the audience and win their 16 hits, Angel Pagan and reached home runs shy of full combat, David Wright was on base five times against all, and closing city 14 to 6 at home beat the Detroit Tigers. Ni Fude also become victims, pitched 3 innings lost 3 points.

This is the first game both 3 Lien Chan, to send ace pitcher Justin Verlander Tigers led, unexpectedly he has been dealt with, 1 Council was knocked two hits with two walks in throw away two points, three bureau is under the face three batters, threw one walks in, was pounded two hits and had to exit after the loss of 1 point, while the city eventually hits this Board to 7 with 5 Sisi Qiu coming down 8 points.

Although the Bureau of the Tigers relied on Brennan Boesch 4 2 points gun scored 2 points, five Bureau also with 5 hits with 2 Sisi Qiu scored 4 points, but still smaller than metropolitan fire.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Zhu Maya recalls the situation

Zhu Maya also received a recent CT scan (Computerized Tomography scan, CT scan) of the inspection to further assess the injury; doctors estimate take 4 months treatment, the current decision not need surgery do not need help Zhu Maya .

Zhu Maya recalls the situation, said "When I think of my severe elbow pain, the moment I think of my baseball career is over!" Twins coach Jiadenghaier (Ron Gardenhire) said, "like A nightmare, when the situation is like is to see their children were injured as well. "

Zhu Maya is a great ball of the relief pitcher, he can easily soared 100 miles above the fireball, people deeply impressed; season so far, he cast 38.1 Board, sent 34 strikeouts, 2 wins and 1 record defeated, 11 relay points, ERA 2.58.

Friday, July 2, 2010

To challenge the 12-game winning streak seems to be an obstacle

To challenge the 12-game winning streak seems to be an obstacle, a challenge to Rangers on 12 consecutive defeat, the White Sox today with a 11-match winning streak is also the home challenge in the 12-game winning streak, unexpectedly jealous bear the same city, Cowen (Tyler Colvin) single-field 4 RBI, with Lee (Derek Lee) also contributed two RBI and closing Cubs beat the White Sox 8:6, White Sox 11 game winning streak end.
Cubs starting pitcher Danpusite (Ryan Dempster) is a hero, although today was knocked 7 9 Security Council, but to minimize injury, scored the first six wins this season.
3 Bureau of the Covent 3 RBI home run to help the Cubs to score ahead of the five Board Lee also make up a 2 RBI double to hit, eight innings Suoliannuo (Alfonso Soriano) home runs, so bear additional Insurance points.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Order new Pulaski Mariners ZHANG Yao-wen sailor relay today

Order new Pulaski Mariners ZHANG Yao-wen sailor relay today, although the loss of a sub-3.1 Board, but he threw eight strikeouts, show very good wins strikeout ability, he has nothing to do today's race victory or defeat, ERA down to 8.53.

Sailor 2A West Tenn Diamond Jaxx Luo Guohui 3 at bats did not hit today, 36 this season against rate of 2 percent; Indians 1ALake County Captains Chen Junxiu 4 hit number 1 hits, 1 RBI, batting average 3 percent 15; Twins 1A Beloit Snappers 3 at bats Guardian Linwang not hits, batting average 2 percent; Red Sox short-1A Lowell Spinners Chan Ka-kui five at bats without hits, batting average dropped to 1 percent 82.