Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Look at teams from the Florida Marlins slugger turn Ross

Look at teams from the Florida Marlins slugger turn Ross, head coach of the wavelet (Bruce Bochy) said: "He has never been in combat when the fear, and this is the reason why we love him: strong, fearless." And Ross himself said: "to be here (Championship Series) is really hard to believe, 2 months ago, I also think I'm so far away from the playoffs, did not expect the team to turn to embark on the playoffs after a giant battlefield, which is very beautiful. "

As the two teams battle tomorrow 4 (Taiwan time 21) is still home to San Francisco Giants. Although the Giants had only 2 wins in the NLCS the advantage, but according to historical statistics on their five playoff games in team history (NLCS and World Series), but only had 1 victory (1993 NLCS, record of 4 wins, 2 lost ), all others are losing to close in 2009, 2 wins, 4 lost the World Series, two World Series wins in 1993, lost 4, 1983, 1 win 4 World Series defeat, there are 1915 World Series win 4 to 1 defeat.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Giants head coach Bruce Bochy is very optimistic about this match

National League Championship Series season opener will appear super-battle drama, by two very strong pressing force of the Cy Young vote in a positive fight, but Roy Halladay "embarrassed on the" Tim Lincecum's portfolio even more than the World Series also allows fans look forward to.

The reason why people look forward to it in this battle, apart from Celeron duel, the two strong cast his first vote in the playoffs, appeared to have good grades, it is the key to the ecstatic. "Surgeon" strong attack on the Reds this season, could throw no-hitters performance to 9 the results 8K outer Board shutout to close, as for "Young Cy" is not bad, reward the Warriors shutout the same, just it was only knocked 2 hits, while the 14K performance for "Axe Gang" completely dumbfounded.

Giants head coach Bruce Bochy is very optimistic about this match, "It will be a great duel. You will see in a game the two best pitchers, we are very respected Halladay, he has a very good point and a lot of pitches is very great competitors, and we have one. "

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cliff Lee has not lost the ball a career playoff vote

Major League Baseball, the first round of the playoffs, play against the only hit four fifth of the Texas Rangers game with the Tampa Bay Rays, Rangers ace Cliff Lee completely blocked the light wire, finished nine investment Board only lost one point, history has never cut off in the playoffs, the Rangers won five to one, and write a new record in team history, the Rangers will play the New York Yankees in the American League Championship.

Cliff Lee has not lost the ball a career playoff vote, the Rangers won the first game by him or through him after the fifth, again with the light of the Price showdown. Rangers have a Board Cenci points, two of three light hits the ball with mistakes Hamilton tied the score, the four Bureau of light catcher Charpak Cruz doubles errors also ran back to Cruz directly home plate, the sixth inning scored the third points, nine innings Jin Sina and fired a two-run homer, the results in complete nine innings Cliff Lee 120 balls with eleven strikeout performance, only to be hit six hits, take No Sisi Qiu next in complete victory. Rangers finally broke the only team never won the infamous playoff record.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Missed the end of brilliance at home Rangers

If the battle to win the light 5 will be the New York Yankees and the 2001 war with a 5 wins series 3 games before the game after losing two consecutive teams with 3 wins promotion. The battle to win 5 of the American League Championship team will have home advantage, while the rival in straight sets out the Minnesota Twins 3, Yankees.

Missed the end of brilliance at home Rangers, American League Championship promotion battle still have hope. Washington head coach (Ron Washington), said: "Finally a war we will launch Cliff Lee, he adjusted well these days, the most important is that field in Tampa before he did very well, so we have confidence." As for the light, the Price will be from 19 wins the primary vote, Longgeliya said: "Every Price starting all so we look forward to, I believe this will not disappoint."

Talking about all this series the home team lose, Rangers 2 baseman Gensler (Ian Kinsler), said: "It is wonderful Ah, the road to a better team than playing, I hope this law will not change back to Tampa . "

Friday, October 8, 2010

Rangers starting pitcher Wilson was a bright start after Bartlett hit the hits

Rangers starting pitcher Wilson was a bright start after Bartlett hit the hits, then all the way to put into Qiju, light alone a mistake, a walk through with a hit on the basepaths, Qiju light Aiba third base to second base hit Wilson captured the exit, but the rescue of Europe Dai Sanzhen light pinch Joyce, together with the closing of the Oliver shutout light.

Rangers advance in the playoffs, not the history of the record, the first round and no home advantage, but instead two-game winning streak, Taipei time back to Austin to play the third fight on Sunday, winning the American League Championship to advance. As for the regular season batting .247 light, and wrote nearly 30 years playoff teams qualify for the lowest batting average record, the first two swallowed a total of only eight hits and 23 strikeouts, the edge of the verge of elimination.