Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cardinals beat line in the Lannan's pitching has not organized under the offensive

On the other hand, the Cardinals beat line in the Lannan's pitching has not organized under the offensive, Lannan pitched 7.2 Board, cast four strikeouts without Sisi Qiu, although gave up 8 hits, but until the 7 inning by Matt Holliday and win two base hits and only lost 1 point.

9 Bureau, the Cardinals added soon Pedro Feliz blasted from the hands of Drew Storen solo shot, but can not change the last war situation, people are still 4 to 2 win 3 win 4 of Lien Chan. After the game, the Cardinals in the NL Central behind the Cincinnati Reds 5, field margin of victory, the battle outside the card, then the Philadelphia Phillies three games behind the margin of victory.

Wainwright said after the game: "I am not saying they are bad teams, because they are very dangerous team, winning percentage is the face of less than 5 percent of the team, we played very poor throughout the year. Today, and this series Competition is so. We played well when they cast a bad investment and they play well when well. Sometimes we have good pitching, but opponents still beat us. "

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Major League Baseball MLB St. Louis Cardinals slugger Pujols (Albert Pujols) today

Major League Baseball MLB St. Louis Cardinals slugger Pujols (Albert Pujols) today and win the first 400 career home runs, becoming the first MLB history to establish the milestone of 47 players.

Pujols played in 4 of the first Council, in a good 0 bad cases, people starting pitcher Zimmerman (Jordan Zimmermann) H to the speed of the ball the right center field bleachers.

30-year-old has 222 days of Pujols is the creation of the third record 400 H Young hitters.

A-Rod has 316 days in 29 years when the individual rammed the 400th homer. Griffey Jr. (Ken Griffey jnr) another 141 in the 30 years of age to the results TSD.

Pujols also break the original of this bar that he and Karin (Al Kaline) and Gulaleijia (Andres Galarraga) tied for MLB 47th career 400-H candidates stalemate.

Scoreboard in the hanging of 14 0, finally has changed in the eight inning

National starting pitcher with the Cubs have shown interesting, making The campaign both parties are difficult to score the first 7 game, but the Cubs in the last two Council fire, and then by 4 to 0 Liaodao national victory in three Lien Chan.

Scoreboard in the hanging of 14 0, finally has changed in the eight inning. Winnie the pinch of the first beaten with clubs by Tyler Colvin walks and on base because of access, so people in this semi will change starting pitcher Jason Marquis end, by Tyler Clippard took over the pitch, but Clippard fuel, was first Starlin Castro and win their second base On breaking 1 minute, followed by Aramis Ramirez then belted 2 points left field artillery, in the last half breath and lost 3 points.

National Council on 9 and back to vote by Sean Burnett replaced Clippard, but Alfonso Soriano while opponents do not get into aggressive when a rod carry out solo shot in center field, then the score gap between the two sides to 4 points, and thus Cubs can already see the victory of the goddess smile waving to them.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tiger not only play against Blue Jays game at the weekend in grief

Adam Dunn when the tremendous momentum swing, strength, is the name of coveted slugger, especially for Magglio Ordonez several established earlier this season, "closed down" the tiger is.

Tiger not only play against Blue Jays game at the weekend in grief, Ordonez also broken right ankle, 6-8 weeks of recuperation time declared almost quarter reimbursement, so that line as if Tigers beat out a tooth, affect the firepower greatly.

Although not a fixed volume of more than 30 H fierce artillery, Ordonez RBI's ability to manufacture, excellent effort on the base alarmed opponents still in its "utmost care", to assist the stick time in the Miguel Cabrera surrendered after the approximation American League Triple Crown in the ultra-standard performance; who are successful drive to Dunn, not only the same percentage RBI has the strength, more than 6 consecutive years of Jubang 38 H Two, competing for the AL Central champion Tiger Adds chips .

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sponsored by the Houston Astros Nolan Ryan (Nolan Ryan) will be the 29th pitcher to open training camp training

Despite the storm caught steroids, but "Rocket Man" Clemens (Roger Clemens) not to give up any opportunity to guide the backward.

Sponsored by the Houston Astros Nolan Ryan (Nolan Ryan) will be the 29th pitcher to open training camp training, will be invited to participate in previous years, Clemens, his agent, through E-mail to the Associated Press said, Clemens is carefully considering whether to participate.

"Astronauts welcome by the home team and appreciated, Roger empathy." Agent Rick Han said: "Clemens is willing to mentor young pitchers, but do not want to be distracted by doping incidents, so not reply to the invitation of astronauts."

Clemens, who played from 2004 to 2006, astronauts, which cast the 2004 season, 18 wins 4 lost 2.98 ERA, was named the National League Cy Young Award.

Agent for Clemens issued a proposed invitation to the astronauts, a team spokesman declined to comment Stanton temporarily.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Brown was originally Brewers third baseman

2007 National League rookie of the Milwaukee Brewers Brown (Ryan Braun), the team signed three outfield Gold Glove Award winner Cameron (Mike Cameron), the fielding position also followed-hopping.

Brown was originally Brewers third baseman, a race last year only 112 games, although as many as 34 home runs hit, it appears the league maximum of 26 turnovers, when he was asked to change the media's perception of time fielding position Brown said: "This is an old question, my answer is the same."

Tournament Cameron joined the Brewers, will guard the mark in center field, while the former Brewers center field Hall (Bill Hall) deployed to keep third base, Brown was moved to left field defense, he said that: "Last year, the Brewers team defense is really one of the weaknesses, the schedule will only make the team stronger, so of course I agree."

Monday, August 16, 2010

A Martinez is the second player

A Martinez is the second player, Mu Weier and the Humber is a rising star to be optimistic. At present the team, "Santana race" has the advantage of significant growth and decline, the New York Yankees senior vice president of (Hank Steinbrenner) Thursday told the "New York Daily News": "to strive to make a big potential Santana contract, Santana is a free agent if he can sign, if taken to trading, we have to give up a lot of players have great potential, costly. "

Yankees pitcher who made the young right-Hughes (Phil Hughes), center fielder Cabrera (Melky Cabrera) and two players to trade Santana. Red Sox make two trading scheme, a chip is the left-hander Forest (Jon Lester), the other chip is the center fielder Yisiborui (Jacoby Ellsbury), but do not want to keep her in the same package in .

Yankees, Red Sox and Twins are both American League teams, the Twins to trade Santana to the AL team, on Twins prospects will pose a great threat, the Mets are National League teams, so the likelihood is expected to deal maximum.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Ayala returned home with friends to a tourist hunting activities in the continuous firing of his friend

Washington Nationals relief pitcher main Ayala (Luis Ayala) came in his hometown of Mexico shot hunting accident occurred, but fortunately only grazed, brokers Longue (Joe Longo) that mercy.

Ayala returned home with friends to a tourist hunting activities in the continuous firing of his friend, after several rounds were guided by a bullet not long eye by a stray bullet accidentally rubbed into the biceps Ayala, Ayala then went to Mexico Hospital treatment to be prudent, then fly to Los Angeles the next day to see orthopedics.

After the hospital X-ray detection, Ayala was found bleeding near the biceps nerve, causing injury site will be pain, doctors carefully after treatment, the situation is gradually improving, Runge suggested Nationals spring training schedule should not be affected.

Ayala's agent, Runge said: "Ayala recovery is very good, small biceps injury, he is very lucky, if the bullets and then a little biased, may hit the heart, and he fortunately escaped the robbery. "

Ayala played for four major league seasons, career record of 26 wins 24 lost, 9 successful rescue, the average ERA of 2.82 last year, a record 2 wins and 2 losses successful rescue, defense rate of 3.19, is essential for national team relay general.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Clemens issued a statement through the agent denied the allegations

Mitchell pointed out in the report, Clemens's former trainer Mai Nami said that he had in 1998 Clemens Toronto Blue Jays at the time, injecting him with steroids, and in the year two thousand and effectiveness of the Yankees in 2001 when Clemens, injecting him with human growth hormone and steroids.

Clemens issued a statement through the agent denied the allegations. He was from 1997 to 2004 won four Cy Young Awards between.

As Clemens left the Yankees friends to vote Pettitte, have hired Mai Nami as trainer, in the "Mitchell Report" was named in the same weekend Pettitte admitted in 2002 to injury rehabilitation, he was twice using growth hormone.

Jeter said: "I and Andy (Pettitte) talked about, he know what I think of him. He recognized the need to stand out a lot of courage. He came out and honest description, now is the time to look to the future a. "

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Major League Baseball MLB Boston Red Sox pitcher pine (soil reaction) Daisuke

Major League Baseball MLB Boston Red Sox pitcher pine (soil reaction) Daisuke, triumphant return to the motherland in Japan today. The first season career in Major League World Series championship will be wonderful reflection pitcher, vowed the next quarter will be more efforts to achieve two consecutive championships.

Pine (soil reaction) said: "As the team won the first season I was the best moment to enjoy." He was returning after the holiday season.

He said: "But I can not really happy, because the results are not good by my performance was reached."

When asked about next year's goals, Pine (soil reaction): "The second consecutive victory, and nothing else."

He said: "I hope that next year better than this year's vote."

Pine (soil reaction) was the first World Series start in the registration plate of the Japanese pitcher, last year he signed a six-year 52 million U.S. dollars (NTD 1.7 billion yuan) contract from the Red Sox fought the Japanese professional baseball.

But pine (soil reaction), the world champion really is not easy. Abnormal performance of his two games, so the Red Sox in the playoffs almost capsized.

Red Sox have another array Japanese reliever Hideki Okajima. This is the Red Sox following the 2004 champion break the spell after 80 years, won the second within four years.

Friday, August 6, 2010

In order to strengthen the team last line of defense to keep the Yankees on the 14th to show the greatest sincerity

In order to strengthen the team last line of defense to keep the Yankees on the 14th to show the greatest sincerity, 45 million U.S. dollars to open a three-year terms, on the other Rivera (Mariano Rivera) nod.

Rivera annual salary of 10.5 million last quarter, the Yankees pay 4.5 million breath, beyond the Metropolitan Terminator Wagner (Billy Wagner) of the 10.75 million annual salary, or NT New Testament worth about 1.4 billion 40 million, Major League giants hit show much of the boldness of vision,

"As long as Mariano nodded, certainly the highest paid major league relief pitcher." Yankees vice president of (Hank Steinbrenner) said: "The pellet had done her best with the ball at them (Rivera) in the hands, We can only waiting to hear. "Rivera of the Yankees manager Coosa not available to respond to the New Testament.

As for the last quarter of the effectiveness of the Yankees lefthander Pei Tite (Andy Pettitte) yet to decide whether to retire, then the team has to keep people shouting 16 million annual salary would appreciate.

A-Rod leaving the third base vacancy left after the Yankees beat the current strong intention to recruit Marlins Cabrera (Miguel Cabrera) replacement, but the Yankees the most "Kazakhstan" or Twins ace lefty Santana (Johan Santana), once the Twin Cities decided not to keep people, the Yankees will start at any time, "only hunting" action.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Three years ago the Red Sox swept the Cardinals in the World Series

Although its storm Fierce passion, Schilling (Curt Schilling) is still able to help the Red Sox victory in the pitching staff in the lock.

The second battle on the 26th World Series to be staged in Fenway Park is different from the first battle guns boom and the Red Sox hit six game-only hits, challenging double-digit scoring with four losses, but fortunately 41-year-old Schilling is still a live dragon, starting only lost 1 minute 5.1 Board, under the of five Red Sox rely on Lowe (Mike Lowell) the key base hit, Ortiz (David Ortiz) back to winning points, and closing Red Sox Rocky 2:1 and then grams, 2-0 series lead.

Three years ago the Red Sox swept the Cardinals in the World Series, get rid of "Babe Ruth curse", together with the continuous beat the Rockies twice this year, the Red Sox won the World Series has 6 consecutive victories, winning hero Derek Lowe says with a laugh: " the thought of only two steps away from world champion away, let me put more crazy obsessive game. "

Schilling, Red Sox seasons effect, has commissioned the agency to help sell the house in Boston, this war is likely to be the last time Schilling Red Sox shirt to wear registration plate in the playoffs, exit on the sixth inning, the fans are the audience rose to pay tribute to Red Sox playoff victory in Formula One this year, Hideki Okajima Jiapa Pei Peng (Jonathan Papelbon), total pitched 3.2 scoreless 6K Board Biao, once again to complete the task.

Hideki Okajima friends rescue relay and Popper, the playoffs so far total of 15 innings without loss of points and a solid bullpen success of combat power, since Schilling could not help but thumb: "Tonight the backup again to see two exciting shows, from the quarter open play after the tournament so far, as long as they play, they wait for victory. "

Open play before the World Series, Rocky wins Unstoppable momentum, surprise opener restricted Becket (Josh Beckett) fastball just suppressed, this war is still not seen Rocky "debris flow" power, the audience only hit five hits, including Halladay (Matt Holliday) arranged four individuals, no offensive consistency to become fatal.

The third war will be moved to the Denver 28, Taipei time held more than Rocky coach He (Clint Hurdle) can only hope the fans can bring home a miracle, "Rocky fans waiting for this moment a full 15 years, we must use home advantage his way through! "He say.

Red Sox third war will launch "Heisei monster" Pine (soil reaction) Daisuke start registration board, and former teammate Kazuo Matsui's duel worth the wait, Rocky from the playoffs two straight wins Fogg (Josh Fogg) fight.

Previously Rockies and Diamondbacks National League Championship Series ratings have been lower than average

World Series scene ended, the Red Sox championship celebration behind, vital advertising revenue, ratings are "devastated," recalled Red Sox four-game sweep of rival national average viewership of 10.6, better than the last quarter alone the World Series Cardinals vs. Tigers game with 10.1 yards, ranked second to last in the history.

Previously Rockies and Diamondbacks National League Championship Series ratings have been lower than average, and advanced to the World Series, the Rockies still impunity for their "ratings poison," even if the Red Sox play against popular crack and weak ratings for the same, the third war series moved to Denver, only a 8.5 rating, the lowest since the war to write 4.

Compared with the audience not to join in Denver, Boston fans on the "cute" more, more than half of the families of local concern about the World Series, 29, Taipei time champion war, just with the NFL New England Patriots a race overlap, Patriot Match broke out after ratings soared to 43.2, showing Monday night football is still the favorite of U.S. fans, but when the Red Sox the patron saint of Popper friend (Jonathan Papelbon) solution Rockies last batter, the Boston area, 87% of households turntable celebrate the Red Sox won the World Series title.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Reister a race this season 12 games

World Series war imminent, Rockies, Red Sox coincidentally the fourth war in the series starting pitcher candidates do change, the Red Sox from the left to vote Reister (Jon Lester) replace the injured "Butterfly Ball Master" Weikefeide (Tim Wakefield ), Rocky will be back from injury Cook (Aaron Cook) play test their skills.

41, Weikefeide, quarter performance "old Qiao," tied the highest individual single-season record of 17 wins, but the ball by the end of the quarter suffered from back injury, condition decline, the fourth American League Championship Series battle reluctantly registration plates start, only 4.2 Board voted off exit 5, the team also won three into a defeat adversity, Red Sox coach Falankena (Terry Francona) decided to break the World Series to Old Wei, featuring the fourth war by the Reister starting the task.

Reister a race this season 12 games, including 11 games as a start, record 4 wins 0 lose 4.57 ERA, backup redeployed ALCS, pitched 3.2 Authority responsible for loss of 2 points, 4.91 ERA, can push out of 5 strikeouts.