Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Three years ago the Red Sox swept the Cardinals in the World Series

Although its storm Fierce passion, Schilling (Curt Schilling) is still able to help the Red Sox victory in the pitching staff in the lock.

The second battle on the 26th World Series to be staged in Fenway Park is different from the first battle guns boom and the Red Sox hit six game-only hits, challenging double-digit scoring with four losses, but fortunately 41-year-old Schilling is still a live dragon, starting only lost 1 minute 5.1 Board, under the of five Red Sox rely on Lowe (Mike Lowell) the key base hit, Ortiz (David Ortiz) back to winning points, and closing Red Sox Rocky 2:1 and then grams, 2-0 series lead.

Three years ago the Red Sox swept the Cardinals in the World Series, get rid of "Babe Ruth curse", together with the continuous beat the Rockies twice this year, the Red Sox won the World Series has 6 consecutive victories, winning hero Derek Lowe says with a laugh: " the thought of only two steps away from world champion away, let me put more crazy obsessive game. "

Schilling, Red Sox seasons effect, has commissioned the agency to help sell the house in Boston, this war is likely to be the last time Schilling Red Sox shirt to wear registration plate in the playoffs, exit on the sixth inning, the fans are the audience rose to pay tribute to Red Sox playoff victory in Formula One this year, Hideki Okajima Jiapa Pei Peng (Jonathan Papelbon), total pitched 3.2 scoreless 6K Board Biao, once again to complete the task.

Hideki Okajima friends rescue relay and Popper, the playoffs so far total of 15 innings without loss of points and a solid bullpen success of combat power, since Schilling could not help but thumb: "Tonight the backup again to see two exciting shows, from the quarter open play after the tournament so far, as long as they play, they wait for victory. "

Open play before the World Series, Rocky wins Unstoppable momentum, surprise opener restricted Becket (Josh Beckett) fastball just suppressed, this war is still not seen Rocky "debris flow" power, the audience only hit five hits, including Halladay (Matt Holliday) arranged four individuals, no offensive consistency to become fatal.

The third war will be moved to the Denver 28, Taipei time held more than Rocky coach He (Clint Hurdle) can only hope the fans can bring home a miracle, "Rocky fans waiting for this moment a full 15 years, we must use home advantage his way through! "He say.

Red Sox third war will launch "Heisei monster" Pine (soil reaction) Daisuke start registration board, and former teammate Kazuo Matsui's duel worth the wait, Rocky from the playoffs two straight wins Fogg (Josh Fogg) fight.

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