Monday, August 16, 2010

A Martinez is the second player

A Martinez is the second player, Mu Weier and the Humber is a rising star to be optimistic. At present the team, "Santana race" has the advantage of significant growth and decline, the New York Yankees senior vice president of (Hank Steinbrenner) Thursday told the "New York Daily News": "to strive to make a big potential Santana contract, Santana is a free agent if he can sign, if taken to trading, we have to give up a lot of players have great potential, costly. "

Yankees pitcher who made the young right-Hughes (Phil Hughes), center fielder Cabrera (Melky Cabrera) and two players to trade Santana. Red Sox make two trading scheme, a chip is the left-hander Forest (Jon Lester), the other chip is the center fielder Yisiborui (Jacoby Ellsbury), but do not want to keep her in the same package in .

Yankees, Red Sox and Twins are both American League teams, the Twins to trade Santana to the AL team, on Twins prospects will pose a great threat, the Mets are National League teams, so the likelihood is expected to deal maximum.

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