Sunday, November 14, 2010

Softbank year battle for the Pacific League regular season

Softbank year battle for the Pacific League regular season, the first score, but hit rate of 2 into 67, 134 and long home runs hit rate of 4 into 04, ranking in the league after the half. Lack of firepower in the Pacific League Championship completely exposed, 6 down only 9 points battle, won the championship only to see Ocean Road, and access to "a Japanese" title.

Softbank of the main hitters Kokubo Yuji Ming will be at least 39 years old, Yan Song will be 37 years of CITIC, the two long-play ability to have signs of recession, and the team more than the Triple Crown Estate Renzhi the way forward is unknown, so access to foreign cannon but the team a priority . Tan Musi annual salary of 90 million dollars this season, or about 73.8 million yen, Softbank intends to use an average of 1.5 billion yen in the plural-year contract, to attract him to join.

Friday, November 12, 2010

One of the major league season for Silver Slugger award prizes today

One of the major league season for Silver Slugger award prizes today (12 May) announced that compared to last year, 2 Union 18 times, only 5-peat, winning the first time in 7 people, which presents major reshuffle of the situation.

Silver Slugger Award began in 1980, the winners from the well-known manufacturer Louisville Slugger bat sponsored by the League each team coach and head coach of the selection out. Primarily in recognition of the data on various locations in the offensive players have made significant contributions.

The biggest difference with the past few years, there are several well known players, such as the designated hitter in the American League side David Ortiz, third base Evan Longoria, the guerrilla's Derek Jeter; the League of Nations, such as second baseman Chase Utley, Hanley Ramirez and so is the other guerrilla replaced by a better player performance.

In fact, even the village only 5 tied a record low since 1982, and only one American League catcher Joe Mauer with the Twins village, and the remaining 4 from the League of Nations.

Chuang complete dominance of the players even are (in parentheses is the number of connected Zhuang): Twins catcher Mauer (3), Cardinals first baseman Albert Pujols (3), the National third baseman Ryan Zimmerman (2), Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun (3), Warriors catcher Brian McCann (3).

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Top left-hander Cliff Lee, crack all want to win the coveted

Major League free agent market opened today, run, over 160 players for sale, star-studded, to discharge all star game starting qualification 10. Indicators Cliff Lee, Crawford and Worth have access to billions of dollars worth of about fat, swept away the last year, a big fish only Halladay situation.

Top left-hander Cliff Lee, crack all want to win the coveted. There are both offensive and defensive catcher Victor Martinez, first baseman Dunn hit either the left or right to fight Kenuo Ke, H-40 has single-season strength. Second baseman is the 4th Gold Glove winner, third base with Bell Cui, left the Yankees shortstop Kit opportunity is not high, but it expired about 10 years, indeed, a free agent.

Outfield, the light of Crawford was the American League stolen base king of the 4th, Phillies 3 years sustained Voss proved reliable in the playoffs against the tiger's Ouduoniezi won the American League batting champion, a career batting average 3 to 12. Tao H 589 meters career Although 40 years old, last year, still 25 runs, featuring the DH is not a problem.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Washington coach (Ron Washington) also praised Lewis's performance

Lewis said after the game: "I am very excited to be back home games, I know our fans are in this, I feel more comfortable." Washington coach (Ron Washington) also praised Lewis's performance: "Our vote today pitcher too good. "and today home runs in Hamilton (Josh Hamilton), said:" We transfer the game. "

Giants head coach of the defeated Wavelet (Bruce Bochy) said, "This is a different league, here is the American League, these guys are heavily hurt us."

Tomorrow's starting pitcher, one time, before the discussion, Lee (Cliff Lee) may command into battle, but said Washington head coach today, or by Hunt (Tommy Hunter) pitched the fourth war, and the giant is introduced Bo Gena (Madison Bumgarner) the main cast.