Monday, September 27, 2010

The campaign Red Sox Daisuke Matsuzaka played with the Yankees

If the Yankees sweep the opportunity, on behalf of the Red Sox could still have some playoffs, the final battle in the series both her career, Hideki Okajima Board under the Bye 10 walks fatal, eventually losing 3 to 4, unless the accident, or Red Sox contest will not be able to play in October.

Before this series, the Red Sox are basically to get a playoff spot Midland, rely on their next 6 games with the victory the Yankees have little chance of winning the war did the first 2 to various Red Sox will ignite hope.

The campaign Red Sox Daisuke Matsuzaka played with the Yankees pitcher Phil Hughes fight strong Matsuzaka hits 7K 8-Board 4 eye-catching content, the only damage was Alex Rodriguez smacked in the Bureau of 2 points 7 guns, it is interesting, A-Rod this served before the Battle career Matsuzaka 21 2, and no longer play; Hughes starting 6 Board 4 walks frequently make their own crisis, but fortunately three hits to show suppression of power, so the Red Sox only 1 minute revenue.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

I'm here just want to win a championship ring means

"I'm here just want to win a championship ring means, the other focus of attention for me are fine. And then I also will use a hundred percent effort, in my efforts to play the game; title is the main target that is all. "Blanton said.

The "fraternity of the state" Victoria Reno (Shane Victorino) in the first game to use the first home run I hit, the Mets starting Mladic (RA Dickey) hello, 2 Bureau continues its tradition of very hot hand sweeping base hit , so that Mladic and then lost 1 point. 4 Council then by Iba Martinez (Raul Ibanez) and Ruiz (Carlos Ruiz) consecutive hits, winning for the Phillies ahead of points scored, love of the state 3 to 2 lead and maintained to the end, so that 6 Bureau of the primary vote, was knocked out eight hits and lost 3 points Mladic, to close the last only defeat.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Clansmen and Villager identify the Guangzhou Asian Games

As for Kuo, as most people expected, the Dodgers do not agree with his call to accept the Guangzhou Asian Games; The Astros Luojia Ren, he still may, depending on the condition of the fall training.

Clansmen and Villager identify the Guangzhou Asian Games, the Chinese team is a great benefit to both attack and defense, at the same time with Chen Yong-based group were the "golden Yong connection" to consolidate the two, travel line of defense.

Baseball Association, 21, held the afternoon of training after the election, the Guangzhou Asian Games will immediately announce a list of 24 is generally speculated that the Chinese team should be a list of 24 pitchers and 10: Herman (Bear 3A), Luo Jiaren (astronauts 2A) , Luo Jinlong (Los Angeles 3A), * Yao-Hsun Yang (software silver), Hsu Ming-chieh (Seibu), Xiaoyi Jie (Kobe), Yang Chien-fu (Sinon Bulls), * Ying-Jie Lin (Bulls), Pan Wei-lun (Lions) , * yu (Taiwan Beer).

Catcher 3: Chen Junxiu (Indian Order 1A), Gao Gang (Lions), Lin Kun-Sheng (National Training).

Infielder 6: Clansmen and Villager (Dodge), Chen Yong-based (Pirate 2A), Peng Cheng-min (Elephants), Lin Yi-* (Bulls), Lin Zhisheng (La new Bears), Lin Han (co-library).

Outfielder 5: Linzhe Xuan (Red Sox 2A), Luo Guohui (sailor high 1A), * Lin Wei to help (Hanshin), Yang Dai Steel (ham), * Zhang Jianming (Sinon).

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Rocky line while it was the fierce fighting

The Rocky line while it was the fierce fighting, the whole sweep out 14 hits, including the Troy Tulowitzki single-field pair of H and Mora (Melvin Mora) a slam shot lead, was Dodge H Ashen and closing on to easily win 12 to 2.

Clansmen and Villager 8 Bureau to play on behalf of the run, 9 inning and keep the guerrilla; 9 Bureau to first base with two outs with runners on, the Clansmen and Villager play fight and win their first base hit the middle of direction; this war Clansmen and Villager Number 1 hit, 1 hit, is his second major league season hits, the current rate of 3 percent against 33.

Troy Tulowitzki made 2 points shot and win 2, 4 RBIs revenue this quarter, 26 bombers into the bag, the current rate of 3 percent against 28; Mora 4 hits in 5 at bats, including the situation got slam gun, inject 5 RBI.

Dodgers starting pitcher Avery (John Ely) pitched 4.1 out of 5 Bureau of hit in hits, including two home runs were hit, but also threw five walks, poor performance, lost 6 points to swallow defeat No. 8, ERA 5.00.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Giants play the opening game of the year, both in the National League West or wild card

To come to Taiwan next year, the Giants play the opening game of the year, both in the National League West or wild card, have the opportunity to qualify for the playoffs, this is the first time by Giants rookie out of their own culture, play such a good record in these Rookie of the most popular is the nickname of Pablo Kung Fu Panda, cyclic the players look at this name, how to capture the hearts of the fans.

Regular season drawing to a close, the Giants in the National League West, or whether a wild card, all with a slight gap between the second, which is the Giants last 5 years, for the first time away from the playoffs so close, and almost by their own farm trained rookie, hit this country in these excellent young players, the most fiery character is Pablo, Pablo can be footed, he was better, any angle can be knocked the ball hits, In addition to combat is not dead, even fielding almost omnipotent.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This game is also an interesting phenomenon occurred

This game is also an interesting phenomenon occurred, 2 Bureau Diamondbacks Miguel Montero, Ryan Church even fired, the 2, the Bruce, Drew Stubbs also fired back. Red and opponents previous games there team has performed with the Bureau of 2 consecutive home runs in the situation in April 16, 2006 battle with the Cardinals, when the Reds starting pitcher exactly Arroyo, the only difference in the Arroyo was not related victory or defeat, the vote was won victory.

Event of the season against lowly Cardinals Cubs seem to crash others, both before 9 grips the Cardinals won 5 lost 4 home disadvantage, did not expect back home or in the doldrums.

Jeff Samardzija start another 5 2 / 3 innings while downing a six hits and 4 walks in, but can not appear in series hits, only 7 of Council on Matt Holliday to break the duck; Cardinals fielding not help, more than 3 errors Board off 2 points, so bear Bureau together the first 3 of 4 points laid Katsumoto.

Cardinals lose with Reds win, the two sides margin of victory extended to 7 games, as a wild card is also 7 ½ games behind the Braves, Cardinals playoff opportunity on behalf of the Central title only, yet between 18 and Red Field grips over, can not play against each directly reduced by a field margin of victory, so unless the Reds themselves, abuse, or the Cardinals playoff hopes slim.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wang season to determine reimbursement for all fans Taiwan

"Light of Taiwan," Wang season to determine reimbursement for all fans Taiwan, but the good news is that the Washington Nationals baseball still he stubbornly persists, even general manager Ruizuo (Mike Rizzo) also said publicly that the National like him, need him, and wanted him to stay in the team. Only Ruizuo such "confession" could annoy many Washington fans that do not have to spend waiting for Chien-Ming Wang as quickly renewed strength to fight Dunn (Adam Dunn).

30 year old Wang, the national team early this year and signed a 1 year 2 million U.S. dollars (about NT 63.95 million yuan) contract, but no performance, so that citizens pay go down the drain. However, these people still want to leave a Taiwanese pitcher, and plans to direct renewal of the lowest yards 1.6 million U.S. dollars to recruit Wang, believes he can stand in the 2011 season on the mound.

However Ruizuo part of the decision seems to have a national fan anger, the users account for the extreme, said: "Wang arm is not worth the price tag, I almost nationals to employment." And the User Account replied: "Dear National team, I think you quickly and Dunn signed a four-year contract extension worth still more, so I definitely will be 4 years of votes in the national race for feedback!"

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ni Fude in September returned from injury

Tiger 3AToledo Mud Hens Nifu De Taipei time playing relay 7 0.2 Authority, although being pounded two hits, but did not lose points, got his first 4 at 3A relay success; Bear 3AIowa Cubs Herman to suffer a back-2 Board H lost 1 point, to swallow defeat to vote.

Ni Fude in September returned from injury, the match 2 games, although no loss of points, but have been hit 2 hits, today the battle against Indians 3A, Ni Fude 8 Bureau of play, to resolve two batters and was even hit out two hits, but fortunately his replacement kept the pitch of Brendan Wise, Ni Fude it did not lose points.

Although September is now an expanded lineup of major league time, but the situation after Ni Tsai look back, I'm afraid it is difficult to rise in the major leagues, he is currently in the ERA is 7.50 3A.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Metropolitan Despite wins over the Warriors by 4 to 2

Metropolitan Despite wins over the Warriors by 4 to 2, to avoid being swept in four Lien Chan, but the city paid no small price for winning, ace pitcher Johan Santana was injured early exit.

Santana pitching in to complete the task 5 Council after early end, tied a single game this season innings pitched the second game short, but also the starting field of nearly 23 innings pitched in the shortest time, while the Metropolitan Council in the next 8 announced that Santana's status is checked after the diagnosis of chest muscle strain, Santana is currently the team included in the daily watch list.

Exit injured when Santana took only 65 balls pitched 5 3 Security Council was knocked lost 1 point, but fortunately enough to help his teammates, so the Celeron strong cast made in the exit before the 2 to 1 lead, but took over the pitching work 4 bullpen pitcher did not screw up the competition, so Santana to revenue this quarter, 11 wins, while avoiding the following 04 19 May to 4 June, the first time in four straight games in the predicament.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

9 Bureau of the gun ahead of the score and win 3 points

9 Bureau of the gun ahead of the score and win 3 points, but the White Sox in the next half-Council immediately a situation occurs, almost took the victory saying good-bye to hand. Starting pitcher Edwin Jackson to those firms complete cast, but two out in the second, third base when Jason Donald was knocked clean base for a base hit, so fighting and they tense up. Patience to the limit of the decision to launch Bobby Jenks White Sox play, although the Terminator was pounded a hit, but still able to hold the victory, won the season 25th save.

9 Board before the next encounter turbulence, Jackson The campaign's performance is commendable, the former Bureau of only lost 1 point 8, and he handed the whole game pitched 8 2 / 3 off 3 Bureau, Biao the performance of the 11K, won 9 win season, is No. 3 after joining the White Sox victory.

Indians starting pitcher Justin Masterson becomes a pity, though cast out of 7 2 / 3 Board points out a good performance, but the victory has nothing to do with The campaign, while the Indians score the game's only been , is Shelley Duncan in left field swept out under the 7 Bureau solo shot.