Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wang season to determine reimbursement for all fans Taiwan

"Light of Taiwan," Wang season to determine reimbursement for all fans Taiwan, but the good news is that the Washington Nationals baseball still he stubbornly persists, even general manager Ruizuo (Mike Rizzo) also said publicly that the National like him, need him, and wanted him to stay in the team. Only Ruizuo such "confession" could annoy many Washington fans that do not have to spend waiting for Chien-Ming Wang as quickly renewed strength to fight Dunn (Adam Dunn).

30 year old Wang, the national team early this year and signed a 1 year 2 million U.S. dollars (about NT 63.95 million yuan) contract, but no performance, so that citizens pay go down the drain. However, these people still want to leave a Taiwanese pitcher, and plans to direct renewal of the lowest yards 1.6 million U.S. dollars to recruit Wang, believes he can stand in the 2011 season on the mound.

However Ruizuo part of the decision seems to have a national fan anger, the users account for the extreme, said: "Wang arm is not worth the price tag, I almost nationals to employment." And the User Account replied: "Dear National team, I think you quickly and Dunn signed a four-year contract extension worth still more, so I definitely will be 4 years of votes in the national race for feedback!"

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