Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ni Fude in September returned from injury

Tiger 3AToledo Mud Hens Nifu De Taipei time playing relay 7 0.2 Authority, although being pounded two hits, but did not lose points, got his first 4 at 3A relay success; Bear 3AIowa Cubs Herman to suffer a back-2 Board H lost 1 point, to swallow defeat to vote.

Ni Fude in September returned from injury, the match 2 games, although no loss of points, but have been hit 2 hits, today the battle against Indians 3A, Ni Fude 8 Bureau of play, to resolve two batters and was even hit out two hits, but fortunately his replacement kept the pitch of Brendan Wise, Ni Fude it did not lose points.

Although September is now an expanded lineup of major league time, but the situation after Ni Tsai look back, I'm afraid it is difficult to rise in the major leagues, he is currently in the ERA is 7.50 3A.

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