Wednesday, September 1, 2010

9 Bureau of the gun ahead of the score and win 3 points

9 Bureau of the gun ahead of the score and win 3 points, but the White Sox in the next half-Council immediately a situation occurs, almost took the victory saying good-bye to hand. Starting pitcher Edwin Jackson to those firms complete cast, but two out in the second, third base when Jason Donald was knocked clean base for a base hit, so fighting and they tense up. Patience to the limit of the decision to launch Bobby Jenks White Sox play, although the Terminator was pounded a hit, but still able to hold the victory, won the season 25th save.

9 Board before the next encounter turbulence, Jackson The campaign's performance is commendable, the former Bureau of only lost 1 point 8, and he handed the whole game pitched 8 2 / 3 off 3 Bureau, Biao the performance of the 11K, won 9 win season, is No. 3 after joining the White Sox victory.

Indians starting pitcher Justin Masterson becomes a pity, though cast out of 7 2 / 3 Board points out a good performance, but the victory has nothing to do with The campaign, while the Indians score the game's only been , is Shelley Duncan in left field swept out under the 7 Bureau solo shot.

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