Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Clansmen and Villager identify the Guangzhou Asian Games

As for Kuo, as most people expected, the Dodgers do not agree with his call to accept the Guangzhou Asian Games; The Astros Luojia Ren, he still may, depending on the condition of the fall training.

Clansmen and Villager identify the Guangzhou Asian Games, the Chinese team is a great benefit to both attack and defense, at the same time with Chen Yong-based group were the "golden Yong connection" to consolidate the two, travel line of defense.

Baseball Association, 21, held the afternoon of training after the election, the Guangzhou Asian Games will immediately announce a list of 24 is generally speculated that the Chinese team should be a list of 24 pitchers and 10: Herman (Bear 3A), Luo Jiaren (astronauts 2A) , Luo Jinlong (Los Angeles 3A), * Yao-Hsun Yang (software silver), Hsu Ming-chieh (Seibu), Xiaoyi Jie (Kobe), Yang Chien-fu (Sinon Bulls), * Ying-Jie Lin (Bulls), Pan Wei-lun (Lions) , * yu (Taiwan Beer).

Catcher 3: Chen Junxiu (Indian Order 1A), Gao Gang (Lions), Lin Kun-Sheng (National Training).

Infielder 6: Clansmen and Villager (Dodge), Chen Yong-based (Pirate 2A), Peng Cheng-min (Elephants), Lin Yi-* (Bulls), Lin Zhisheng (La new Bears), Lin Han (co-library).

Outfielder 5: Linzhe Xuan (Red Sox 2A), Luo Guohui (sailor high 1A), * Lin Wei to help (Hanshin), Yang Dai Steel (ham), * Zhang Jianming (Sinon).

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