Saturday, September 25, 2010

I'm here just want to win a championship ring means

"I'm here just want to win a championship ring means, the other focus of attention for me are fine. And then I also will use a hundred percent effort, in my efforts to play the game; title is the main target that is all. "Blanton said.

The "fraternity of the state" Victoria Reno (Shane Victorino) in the first game to use the first home run I hit, the Mets starting Mladic (RA Dickey) hello, 2 Bureau continues its tradition of very hot hand sweeping base hit , so that Mladic and then lost 1 point. 4 Council then by Iba Martinez (Raul Ibanez) and Ruiz (Carlos Ruiz) consecutive hits, winning for the Phillies ahead of points scored, love of the state 3 to 2 lead and maintained to the end, so that 6 Bureau of the primary vote, was knocked out eight hits and lost 3 points Mladic, to close the last only defeat.

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