Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This game is also an interesting phenomenon occurred

This game is also an interesting phenomenon occurred, 2 Bureau Diamondbacks Miguel Montero, Ryan Church even fired, the 2, the Bruce, Drew Stubbs also fired back. Red and opponents previous games there team has performed with the Bureau of 2 consecutive home runs in the situation in April 16, 2006 battle with the Cardinals, when the Reds starting pitcher exactly Arroyo, the only difference in the Arroyo was not related victory or defeat, the vote was won victory.

Event of the season against lowly Cardinals Cubs seem to crash others, both before 9 grips the Cardinals won 5 lost 4 home disadvantage, did not expect back home or in the doldrums.

Jeff Samardzija start another 5 2 / 3 innings while downing a six hits and 4 walks in, but can not appear in series hits, only 7 of Council on Matt Holliday to break the duck; Cardinals fielding not help, more than 3 errors Board off 2 points, so bear Bureau together the first 3 of 4 points laid Katsumoto.

Cardinals lose with Reds win, the two sides margin of victory extended to 7 games, as a wild card is also 7 ½ games behind the Braves, Cardinals playoff opportunity on behalf of the Central title only, yet between 18 and Red Field grips over, can not play against each directly reduced by a field margin of victory, so unless the Reds themselves, abuse, or the Cardinals playoff hopes slim.

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