Sunday, November 7, 2010

Top left-hander Cliff Lee, crack all want to win the coveted

Major League free agent market opened today, run, over 160 players for sale, star-studded, to discharge all star game starting qualification 10. Indicators Cliff Lee, Crawford and Worth have access to billions of dollars worth of about fat, swept away the last year, a big fish only Halladay situation.

Top left-hander Cliff Lee, crack all want to win the coveted. There are both offensive and defensive catcher Victor Martinez, first baseman Dunn hit either the left or right to fight Kenuo Ke, H-40 has single-season strength. Second baseman is the 4th Gold Glove winner, third base with Bell Cui, left the Yankees shortstop Kit opportunity is not high, but it expired about 10 years, indeed, a free agent.

Outfield, the light of Crawford was the American League stolen base king of the 4th, Phillies 3 years sustained Voss proved reliable in the playoffs against the tiger's Ouduoniezi won the American League batting champion, a career batting average 3 to 12. Tao H 589 meters career Although 40 years old, last year, still 25 runs, featuring the DH is not a problem.

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