Sunday, November 14, 2010

Softbank year battle for the Pacific League regular season

Softbank year battle for the Pacific League regular season, the first score, but hit rate of 2 into 67, 134 and long home runs hit rate of 4 into 04, ranking in the league after the half. Lack of firepower in the Pacific League Championship completely exposed, 6 down only 9 points battle, won the championship only to see Ocean Road, and access to "a Japanese" title.

Softbank of the main hitters Kokubo Yuji Ming will be at least 39 years old, Yan Song will be 37 years of CITIC, the two long-play ability to have signs of recession, and the team more than the Triple Crown Estate Renzhi the way forward is unknown, so access to foreign cannon but the team a priority . Tan Musi annual salary of 90 million dollars this season, or about 73.8 million yen, Softbank intends to use an average of 1.5 billion yen in the plural-year contract, to attract him to join.

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