Thursday, August 11, 2011

Never Finish the Painting a Picture ---De Kooning

The 20th century, 30 and 40 years, de Kooning in the New York artist has a widespread reputation: never finish the painting a picture. In fact, De Kooning not finish a painting, but to be left on the screen to the audience more room for imagination. For instance, he painted a very dynamic in the abstract the human body, will screen all the background details of all omitted, so we watch the death of his works can not be stared at, but the eye must follow those dynamic lines and color move, so his work is also known as "dynamic art." De Kooning in his paintings brought from Europe, the traditional basis, according to their own understanding and awareness to develop their own style and techniques. He once said: "Style is shaken, if an artist means to enhance their own style, it is a very bad idea. The power of art and appeal of freedom from the development of things, so naturally style formation, rather than deliberately to pursue it.
Representatives in the abstract expressionist painters, De Kooning because of a variety of artistic personality has been widely known. He told the United States, a critic saying: "I am one of the most flexible of the artist, I can open any one album, to find one that can affect my work." The difference with other artists is De Kooning did not limit yourself to simple and absolutely abstract art, he created the theme of most of the characters, and more are women. De Kooning is very clear advantage of opportunities to show their work, in his view, an artist should have a strong self-confidence, it should be kept to pursue their artistic goals and direction. His "woman" is generally considered in the abstract expressionist movement works with the symbolic key. Because of his artistic creation artistic achievements made in 1962, he became an official U.S. citizen in 1964 • from U.S. President Lyndon Johnson took over the Medal of Freedom.
De Kooning one life to 93 years old, said he turned to painting to sculpture in his later years, and all work done by assistants. De Kooning was an abstract expressionist artists in a representative figure, but also the post-war European art and American art is an important connection point. He refused to stay in the rut, but continue to breakthroughs and discoveries, as he himself put it: "When you are positive the nineteenth and twentieth years of age, you really want to go into the world, and do not care to give up art.
De Kooning (Willen de Kooning, 1904 ----1997), born in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, 3 years old her parents divorced, his mother has been living since. 12 years old apprentice in an art dealership, while studying painting at the Rotterdam art school, this time until 1924. During this period, he came into contact with the new European art, modern art by the Dutch influence. In 1926, he made a bold decision, the United States illegally. In the United States experienced the difficulties and frustrations, the 1930-1940 years in New York has the effect of the impact of the 1950s after the success in the United States began drinking, and very serious. Officially became a U.S. citizen in 1962, 1963, on Long Island Hot Springs to build their own studio in 1968, returned home after an absence of 42 years the Netherlands, and Amsterdam's personal exhibition a grand scale. Dutch government awarded him the "highest honor." As the long-term alcohol abuse and the body was severely damaged, died in 1997.

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