Monday, August 29, 2011

Carefully Balanced Picture of Corot's Composition

    Corot landscape in the early years of mostly urban and wilderness landscapes, scenery clear, sunny, 50 years later he changed styles, from the glare of attention toward the creation of beautiful poetry hazy landscape. "Mengte Fontaine memories" is the masterpiece of his later style. The paintings exhibited at the Salon in 1864 when purchased by Napoleon III, also made his reputation Sheng, a lot of time, the painting is reproduced, widespread. Mengte Fontaine Park in the north of Paris, here and picturesque, as Corot's landscape has inspired many. In this picture the most as a screen of trees occupied by dense foliage, and its corresponding is located on the left of the trees, carefully balanced picture of Corot's composition, with women dressed in red and children to increase the weight of the left, reflecting the distant waters of the middle of one of the slopes and trees, silver and green tone unifies the whole picture. Corot did not attention to detail in processing account, but pay attention to natural light and shadow, the overall effect, cast a shadow over everything as if a layer of pale smoke. Brisk elegant artist's brushwork, Toki looming, such as fog near the tree, and occasionally out of the middle of the white pen marks are properly convey the general landscape in the countryside that a trace of the moving reflector. This is a transparent world, this fascinating light, perhaps only music can be compared with the mood of it. It is also this fantastic poetry, so that Corot's work was welcomed by the public. Many artists have followed suit Corot's painting, but Corot natural poetic and subtle sense of color that no one can duplicate. And the essence of his work is clearly more than a little poetic that on the surface. In the light, atmosphere and block-shaped handle, the Corot is still obsessed with classical structure.

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