Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Brown was originally Brewers third baseman

2007 National League rookie of the Milwaukee Brewers Brown (Ryan Braun), the team signed three outfield Gold Glove Award winner Cameron (Mike Cameron), the fielding position also followed-hopping.

Brown was originally Brewers third baseman, a race last year only 112 games, although as many as 34 home runs hit, it appears the league maximum of 26 turnovers, when he was asked to change the media's perception of time fielding position Brown said: "This is an old question, my answer is the same."

Tournament Cameron joined the Brewers, will guard the mark in center field, while the former Brewers center field Hall (Bill Hall) deployed to keep third base, Brown was moved to left field defense, he said that: "Last year, the Brewers team defense is really one of the weaknesses, the schedule will only make the team stronger, so of course I agree."

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