Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cliff Lee has not lost the ball a career playoff vote

Major League Baseball, the first round of the playoffs, play against the only hit four fifth of the Texas Rangers game with the Tampa Bay Rays, Rangers ace Cliff Lee completely blocked the light wire, finished nine investment Board only lost one point, history has never cut off in the playoffs, the Rangers won five to one, and write a new record in team history, the Rangers will play the New York Yankees in the American League Championship.

Cliff Lee has not lost the ball a career playoff vote, the Rangers won the first game by him or through him after the fifth, again with the light of the Price showdown. Rangers have a Board Cenci points, two of three light hits the ball with mistakes Hamilton tied the score, the four Bureau of light catcher Charpak Cruz doubles errors also ran back to Cruz directly home plate, the sixth inning scored the third points, nine innings Jin Sina and fired a two-run homer, the results in complete nine innings Cliff Lee 120 balls with eleven strikeout performance, only to be hit six hits, take No Sisi Qiu next in complete victory. Rangers finally broke the only team never won the infamous playoff record.

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