Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Look at teams from the Florida Marlins slugger turn Ross

Look at teams from the Florida Marlins slugger turn Ross, head coach of the wavelet (Bruce Bochy) said: "He has never been in combat when the fear, and this is the reason why we love him: strong, fearless." And Ross himself said: "to be here (Championship Series) is really hard to believe, 2 months ago, I also think I'm so far away from the playoffs, did not expect the team to turn to embark on the playoffs after a giant battlefield, which is very beautiful. "

As the two teams battle tomorrow 4 (Taiwan time 21) is still home to San Francisco Giants. Although the Giants had only 2 wins in the NLCS the advantage, but according to historical statistics on their five playoff games in team history (NLCS and World Series), but only had 1 victory (1993 NLCS, record of 4 wins, 2 lost ), all others are losing to close in 2009, 2 wins, 4 lost the World Series, two World Series wins in 1993, lost 4, 1983, 1 win 4 World Series defeat, there are 1915 World Series win 4 to 1 defeat.

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