Monday, July 19, 2010

Clansmen and Villager a race this season a total of 9 games

Although the 4 consecutive games as a starter, but the Clansmen and Villager's stick seemed to be frozen into the database, following the last four at bats without hits later today (28) Clansmen and Villager still pay out four hits, hit a few 0's embarrassing results, to prove that he to adapt to the harsh environment the Alliance also the time, Dodge and closing 4 to 10 in the home of Colorado Rockies Tongzai tragic.

Yesterday, a second status bar is no contribution to the start of the Clansmen and Villager, today re-transferred back to the eighth bar, the three Board seats under the first 1 hit in the face Rocky start Morales (Franklin Morales), Clansmen and Villager shot guerrilla grounder out; of five under the Clansmen and Villager play second base or just blocked the Earth.

Qi Ju second half of the Clansmen and Villager experienced relief pitcher Rocky Julio (Jorge Julio), although a good fight in the two three bad, he was Julio 96 miles of the interior angle with a fast ball cheat, hitting the formation of strikeouts, nine innings last under a dozen seats, Clansmen and Villager only play second base out of the earth, but also the end of the game today.

Clansmen and Villager a race this season a total of 9 games, 4 games start, knocked in 19 at bats only 4 hits, of which two are home runs, batting average dropped to only 2 percent of 11, while now he had 5 consecutive games there strikeouts, said he's elected ball skill needs to be strengthened.

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