Thursday, July 22, 2010

Damon hit the first spring home run I would hit the right fielder

Wang today (5) in the first round vote in the first major battle in command, but he's serious disorders ball, pitched 4.2 inning knocked nine hits, including two home runs, even a 4 walks exit breath lost 8 points, 3 to 12, the Yankees finally defeat to the Cleveland Indians, built a career playoff Aberdeen tragedy swallowed the first failure.

Damon hit the first spring home run I would hit the right fielder, the Yankees have to point Cenci; Wang, although under a Council on Saizi Mo (Grady Sizemore) cast body touch the ball and allows the A. Cabrera (Asdrubal Cabrera ) hit a double play to play, Hafner (Travis Hafner) was walked, Martinez (Victor Martinez), Jia Ke (Ryan Garko) continuous command security, building Tsai Xiandiu 1 minute, then walked Perata (Jhonny Peralta) form a full base, Lofton (Kenny Lofton) make up timely hits, the Indians and then the next two points, but Perata was caught in a rundown in the second, between third base. Bureau of Building, Aberdeen, on the use of the first 29 balls, also lost the next three points.

Second Board under the Gutileizi (Franklin Gutierrez) play third base fly ball out, Blake (Casey Blake) was Chien-Ming Wang struck out, Saizimoan marked base, and then launch a stolen base, but was killed Posada resistance at second base before.

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