Tuesday, July 13, 2010

MLS savior of the Washington Nationals (Strasbourg) back to God

MLS savior of the Washington Nationals (Strasbourg) back to God, and he said today in the national team and the San Francisco Giants game, pitched six innings, only in the first game to the other hit an all-base play, assisted him in his teammates under fire, and closing the national team eight to one Tongzai giant, A Short History of nearly one month after the interval, Adds a pitcher. Career record three wins Liang Bai.

From June 13 after the bag is no small victory into history, today carried out in the national team home game, the first game, it sent a home run, the situation is quite bad, good, once the national team fired back, put more than one council, the number of under leveled, the next of five small history hit the other side only two hits, plus a walk, striking out eight opponents, the National Team of Dunn in the third to a spring home run, breaking a tie impasse, the seventh, Nationals fire outbreak, a Bureau won the quarter, including a Dunn home runs in the second contribution of the two points, leading the national team widened the range and closing eight to one to win the race.

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