Friday, July 9, 2010

He struck out the first game off the Red Sox the first two consecutive stick Shikuteluo

He struck out the first game off the Red Sox the first two consecutive stick Shikuteluo (Marco Scutaro) and sent Asian Capital (Dustin Pedroia), and soared out of the ball speed of 100 miles, the status of the body looks okay. He also completely control the first three Board situation, and his teammates in the second, 32 Council, also helped him from the Red Sox starting pitcher Recchi (John Lackey) in the hands scored 4 points to lead 4-0.

Ximannizi quarter results so dazzling, of course, starting 14 games are quality starts. That is, he points out a single field never more than 3 points. In fact, he lost only 3 points a game. Therefore, the gap 4 point lead, seemed to indicate that his 14 wins this season will be into the bags. But baseball, really Yaoda the know! Perhaps it is because Ximannizi condition began to affect his life, the fourth game point of his apparent problem! Of course, Ximannizi If there are shortcomings pitch, is his point! But the game, from the fourth game on to his exit, the difference between good and bad ball is too big (hard to fool the batter)! Ball is also down. The fourth game he lost 2 points, not too surprising. The next four in the second half, Ximannizi stick fight back against his 1 minute, so that number into a 5:2 ratio, it seems that everything has "returned to normal," the.

But the sixth is his real nightmare begins! Body to touch the ball first, Bell K Choi (Adrian Beltre), the next bar Red Sox's "rookie sensation" Nava (Daniel Nava), and win his support of this second doubles, playing back his personal The third RBI, is Red Sox third points. The next bar Rui Dike (Josh Reddick), although the Ximannizi strikeouts, get out the Council's second number, but then the next bar, just hit the three homers this season Mike when Snow (Darnell McDonald ), a stick and win two-run homer. Ximannizi season for the first time officially off the hook!

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