Thursday, July 15, 2010

Since early September as an expanded list of Dodge

In addition to combat areas, so, the Clansmen and Villager on today in the garrison is zero error, and at three, four Councils in the completion of a double plays nice fielding effective offensive in the fight against rattlesnakes.

Since early September as an expanded list of Dodge, a smooth rise in the major leagues, the Clansmen and Villager played six times, seven at bats hit two hits against the rate of 2 into 86 points and the two RBI, one home run, 3 strikeouts. As the Dodge Dynasty Buddha fixed starting shortstop (Rafael Furcal) back injury and sick, the current lack of game six consecutive games, so Clansmen and Villager in the last week of the regular season debut is still a lot of opportunities, Taiwan's fans can expect a good look.

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