Monday, July 5, 2010

Zhu Maya recalls the situation

Zhu Maya also received a recent CT scan (Computerized Tomography scan, CT scan) of the inspection to further assess the injury; doctors estimate take 4 months treatment, the current decision not need surgery do not need help Zhu Maya .

Zhu Maya recalls the situation, said "When I think of my severe elbow pain, the moment I think of my baseball career is over!" Twins coach Jiadenghaier (Ron Gardenhire) said, "like A nightmare, when the situation is like is to see their children were injured as well. "

Zhu Maya is a great ball of the relief pitcher, he can easily soared 100 miles above the fireball, people deeply impressed; season so far, he cast 38.1 Board, sent 34 strikeouts, 2 wins and 1 record defeated, 11 relay points, ERA 2.58.

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