Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Chairman said that once the coaches are well aware of the details of the rules

Mackay coach Jeff Wada Naxitaitan - Fisher, as well as other competitions contact the Committee Chairman said that once the coaches are well aware of the details of the rules, they soon began to like this change. Team owner the day before the vote, which become the hot topic of discussion, even earlier than expected. One of the coach, the Tigers Marvin - Lewis serves on the Committee. In his vote against the team a few hours ago, Lewis agreed to change the rules. "The competition there are many factors that play a role," Lewis said. "For all the proposals we are discussing, I think this is the most perfect one." Mackay said the key change of the rules is that "there is no stage of the race" is the "adverse impact" .

The players union has said that any changes on overtime should be discussed by the entire letter. Of course, a contract between the Union and the players expires in March next year. Although the Competition Commission in February this year, and the players union have been briefly discussed a possible change in overtime rules. But the players union this week, has not been consulted. Denver Broncos team catcher Brandon - Situokeli do not like the rules change. "I just think they should maintain the current rules," he said. "It makes things interesting, some people do not like throwing coins, but that it was his direction of development. If you are the first on the defensive, and you do not have the ball right, you go to stop them from advancing."

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