Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Steelers Super Bowl MVP accused of attacks on women

1 Florida women are prosecute Pittsburgh Steelers foreign take over Santonio Holmes, saying it Name had won Super Bowl MVP player in Orlando nightclub with a glass hit her facial and propose compensated her avoid She prosecution.

Anshonoe Mills in Wednesday prosecution said, Holmes seize her face and a glass threw her only because in 7 March she rainy night club sitting a VIP seats sofa. Litigation said glass concentrated Mills facial right, almost scratch her eyes. This long four page indictment also said Holmes and one police Zeng intimidation her so she not prosecution. Litigation said Holmes compensation Mills, because he a NFL star, unaffordable into trouble. According litigation woman feel pressure incoherent tell police he was hit facial and is bloodshed, but will not prosecution. Mills are from Holmes there seek over 10,005 1000 U.S. dollars damages Holmes won 2008 season Super Bowl MVP.

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