Monday, March 8, 2010

New Orleans Saints last-minute counterattack

After the start of the fourth quarter, Colts Yaosui pull teeth trying to score her surprise, Manning's pass on the dumb fire Daoqian Chang, A generation of each ball break only a mere two yards, it is impatient sigh eating hot tofu, with great difficulty to a seemingly able to play any ball position, the original guide is being said Colts kicker starter Vinattieri where to go, and Christopher put any of this has passed the ball 51 yards lost, Here to explain Vinattieri wounding can not play games, Christopher is a mid-season signing of the temporary workers, appears to accumulate the character is not enough. Saints get the ball right, Bush, Thomas exposed after a small plane reduced to a supporting role, Brisbane said with actions to take over games, continued to promote the success of passing quickly into the red zone, the whole game not seen Jeremy - Shockey touchdown catch, then select two points additional points the Saints, Moore's touchdown was disallowed, stubborn Saints coach Payton successfully challenged, in the cheers, the Saints got the 2 points after the 7 points ahead 24-17.

Manning wanted to get the ball again after the turn the tide, and soon after a half-court pass, but cornerback Porter popped up suddenly broke Manning's passing, and the way the ball ran into the end zone Colts touchdowns ill-prepared team has not made a pony escort who followed the original Manning had the ball forward only pave the way for this defensive touchdowns the distance only. To 17-31 behind 14 points Colts kill Hongle Yan, Ah-generation ball crazy run Daoqian Chang, Colts get touchdowns opportunities, but Manning pass on several occasions have been destroyed, more than 50 left in the game seconds when the Colts lost the ball right to the basic declaration of Saints team to win, the audience cheered a Saints fan.

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