Friday, March 19, 2010

Two-year contract with the Cardinals quarterback Anderson

Arizona Cardinals team on a two-year contract with two free agent quarterback Derek - Anderson to reach an agreement.

Arizona, the introduction of this who had a quarterback selected All-Star Game the aim is to find a quarterback and the team is Matt - Renate competition, Renate is Kurt - Warner, the team only after retirement 11 are under contract of quarterback.

Anderson on March 9 was CLEVELAND termination, ending the team five years, the hard work is not flat. Anderson in 2007, named All-Star Game that season he has 29 touchdowns passes and led the team achieved 10 wins six negative results. The beginning of last season, when Anderson lost the starting position, Brad - Quinn replaced him, and later returned to the starting lineup once again relegated to the bench, Quinn injured when he returned to the starting lineup and led Cleveland to win down the the last two games.

2005 Cleveland has been cut by Baltimore, Anderson.

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