Friday, February 19, 2010

"Zombie" computers attackers invaded the world's seven thousand or Eastern European gang

According to Singapore's "Lianhe Zaobao" report, the U.S. Internet software security company NetWitness18 said, a new computer virus has invaded the Global 2500 companies and government agencies 75000 computer, computer virus, these constitute a large and dangerous "zombie network" from which to steal important information.

The company will be known as zombie networks "Kneber zombie network" of new viruses each zombie computer to collect information, and shall send to the hacker.

Attackers may be gangs in Eastern Europe
Golen, president of the company served as the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in charge of network security. He said that at present seems at the end of 2008 started a new virus outbreak in Germany, has now spread to many computer applications in China. Company currently collected evidence that the attack is likely to organized criminal gangs from Eastern Europe.

The company's survey also found that hackers had access to the network using botnets banking, e-mail and social network login information. Hackers may also be using botnets to steal confidential corporate or even government.

Hackers ZeuS malware infection and control of the zombies. Them through the dissemination of e-mail, phishing e-mail client to open attachments containing malicious code or network link, which would infect the computer.

The company in January to deploy an Internet monitoring system found that "Kneber botnets." Golen said that the number of infected and enterprise networks are increasing, Kneber quietly and similar zombie virus has infected thousands of government and commercial organizations worldwide.

More seriously, more than half "Kneber zombie network" of zombie computers is also infected with Waledac code, the code so that all of zombie computers to be interconnected, thus dispersed botnet command structure, so that it has a higher camouflage nature more difficult to remove.

The company's analyst Cox said: "It's certain that many institutions do not know what they are encountering a similar security problems, because they do not have appropriate detection tools. 'Kneber botnets' are the agencies in recent years, a serious threat to the 1, but people have been ignoring the existence of this threat. "

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