Thursday, February 25, 2010

Facebook Memorial Page has been black media, called for enhanced user review

Recently, Facebook for the victims and pay homage to two Australian-based children to commemorate the page had been vandalized and the media called for social networking site for the user's behavior should be held more accountable.

Two weeks ago, 12-year-old Fletcher and 8-year-old Trinity Bates took place in Queensland, Australia, respectively, the murder of two killed, grieving relatives and friends were on Facebook for the two to create online memorial to mourn. But it is angry that the memorial hall was hit by a malicious replace full of offensive language or even paste pictures of child pornography pages.

Queensland Premier Anna Bligh, therefore sent a letter to shareholders, Facebook called on Facebook trying to prevent such "sickening incident" from happening again.

However, Anna Bligh, a spokesman said it has received no Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg to this response.

However, Facebook spokesman Debbie Frost said the station Posted to the site to review the content there are strict regulations, if there are customer complaints site exists to incite hatred against others, or intimidation, or the existence of pornographic or violent images or video, the administrator will immediately to respond to, delete such content, issuing warnings or disable the accounts of related personnel.

Frost said in a statement, "Facebook is a high degree of self-discipline of the site, if the user suspicious or offensive content, be ready to report on Facebook."

Meanwhile, Queensland Police Constable Peter Crawford proposal intends to set up similar to the commemoration of the page the user or organization to plan carefully in advance is best, it should be taken into account such "malicious" people's existence.

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