Thursday, February 18, 2010

US judge said Google digital library settlement hearing does not make a ruling

According to foreign media reports, the New York Southern District federal District Court Judge Denny Chin said Thursday that he will not be held in the day on the 2005 co-sponsored by some authors and publishers against Google Digital Library Project litigation settlement hearing, so make a decision.

Chen Zhuoguang Thursday said he will not make a decision at the hearing, but also the ruling and promised to make a specific time. He said, "I will be at the hearing and listened carefully to opinions from all sides, but also will ask a few of the problems." Participate in the hearing that day so many people, even the second court are filled with watching the hearing via closed-circuit company representatives, writers and publishers.

During 2005, Authors Guild, Association of American Publishers filed lawsuits against Google, claiming Google book digitization project of alleged infringement. In October 2008, Google reached a settlement with the agreement that the two bodies. For the settlement agreement, many industry organizations opposed. Because of this, the signatories to the agreement in November 2009 submitted a revised version of the settlement agreement, hoping to appease the public discontent. Chen Zhuoguang previously granted preliminary approval of the revised edition of the settlement agreement.

Writers Writers Union, the United States early this year, three submitted to the U.S. Congress wrote a joint letter: "If the court's final approval of revised edition of Google book settlement agreement, to handle millions of American writers have been locked in the agreement among these writers are do not want to subject to the agreement. the United States Writers Association represents the interests of the United States a small number of writers, while the revised edition of Google book settlement agreement will not only harm the legitimate interests of the individual writers, but also a violation of the United States customary law and copyright protection laws and regulations. "

Google in court documents filed last week to its authors and books have made an agreement reached between the defense, saying the practice of digital library creation and dissemination of copyright law expressive of the book's intentions. So far, Google has scanned more than 1200 million books. U.S. Department of Justice has said that Google and the plaintiff has the original parties to the settlement agreement made significant improvements, but the agreement "there is still a major problem."

As planned, the New York Southern District Federal Court on February 18, 2010, held on this so-called fairness hearing, the amended agreement, supporters and opponents in this hearing will be presenting their point of view. In addition, the U.S. Department of Justice will be held early this year, revised version of the Google books agreement has been formally respond.

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