Monday, February 1, 2010

The fourth quarter of 2009, worldwide mobile phone shipments up 10%

According to market research firm Strategy Analytics released a research report that the global mobile phone shipments in 2009 to 324.4 million over 2008's 293.8 million over the same period increased by 10%. This is a global mobile phone industry since 2008, the first increase since the third quarter.

Other research institutions also observed the same trend. ABI Research said he believes the fourth quarter of 2009, worldwide mobile phone shipments in the third quarter 2009 increased by 15%. However, the intense competition reduced the average selling price of mobile phones. In the fourth quarter average selling price of handsets 117.55 U.S. dollars, a decrease of 2%.

Nokia and Samsung Electronics in the fourth quarter have increased market share. Nokia's market share increased to 37.7%. Samsung's market share increased to 20.5%.

Nokia and Samsung Electronics are not the only growth companies. Other shipments of mobile phone makers have also increased. LG Electronics mobile phone shipments in the fourth quarter and even the creation of the record. Apple's smart phone shipments doubled over the same period last year. In the fourth quarter, shipments of Apple's iPhone is about 8.7 million, a year earlier shipments of Apple's iPhone is about 4.4 million.

However, there are some cell phone manufacturers are still predicament. According to ABI Research, in 2009 updated its product line, Motorola is still to lose market share. Sony Ericsson's market share has declined.

Analysts put the growth in mobile phone shipments in the fourth quarter due to consumer confidence, growth and the growth in demand for smart phones.

However, unlike in 2008 compared to the year 2009, handset shipments declined by about 4%. However, the strong momentum of the end of 2009 shows that, once again, as consumers began to buy mobile phones, mobile phone industry has passed the worst of times.

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