Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Opportunities of things to win overwhelming Taiwan manufacturers present their technology

Of things become China's strategic and emerging industries, the United States, South Korea has also actively promoted. Recently, Taiwan's Topology Research Institute that the Taiwan plant by virtue of technological capabilities, cut into the low-cost sensitive products, Lots of competition-related business opportunities.

Topology suggests that Taiwan manufacturers can first be cut into the intelligent medical and intelligent transportation, establish UHF tag design, particularly for integrated radio frequency (RF) module of the SoC (system-on-chip) design and ultra-high frequency antenna design capability, it will be Taiwan manufacturers to develop complex network of the most important technical support for one of the keys.

In addition, Taiwan manufacturers can pay special attention to China's National Standardization Authority's own future in the leading radio frequency identification (RFID) Agreement on development issues, and the electronic tag national standards, and even their own 3G standard, and integration of things related to agreements and infrastructure.

Topology production research, says that Taiwanese plants are required to note is that in the "Global Internet of things" and "state of things", the "city of things," "car of things," "the wisdom of the family of things" and "personal lines Animal Network "and other business opportunities for Taiwan companies more solid, physical networking opportunities will be overwhelming an item off this year.

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