Sunday, February 7, 2010

Google case of trouble in Europe this month, four executives to stand trial in Italy

Following the Google threat to withdraw from China and stir up trouble after the recent trouble in Europe again. "The New York Times" February 3, said Google and Europe because of privacy protection, copy protection, and monopoly markets and so on, and European legislation departments, regulatory authorities and consumer protection organizations frictions and conflicts, contradictions upgrade.

Google swelling caused by the European alert

In Europe, the market share of more than Google

Companies in the U.S. market share. Google continued to expand and scale of ambition continues to expand, has aroused the vigilance of some European politicians.

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi currently being promoted by the introduction of the Internet regulation laws, regulatory targets, including Google's video sharing site YouTube. Meanwhile, the Berlusconi family's Mediaset has sued YouTube copyright infringement, raised 780 million U.S. dollars in astronomical amounts claimed. Industry, said: "Google in Italy is undergoing a full-scale war."

German Minister of Justice Schnarrenberger previously publicly stated: "Overall, Google is becoming a global monopoly giants like Microsoft."

Google cares about this month, four executives to stand trial

Google faces challenges in Europe, may be the first to be staged in Italy. This month, Google executives of the four trials will begin hearing the district court in Milan, Italy. Google's video site YouTube has broadcast over the section of "abuse of youth with autism," the video. The incident took place in Google in 2006 before the acquisition of YouTube. After the incident, the Italian division of Google removed this video, but still protecting the interests of institutions in patients with Down syndrome ViviDown proceedings.

In addition, Italian authorities raided last summer, Google's office in Milan to begin a public inquiry launched Google News. Italian distributors had complained that Google News infringes their copyrights. In addition, the German newspaper and magazine publishers have also complained that all their site's advertising revenues are only about 100 million euros a year, but the Google search in Germany every year ad revenue reached 1.2 billion euros. Currently, Germany's antitrust division is gathering evidence, not yet decided whether to launch an investigation.

Competitors may initiate anti-trust lawsuit

Competitors, including Microsoft, are currently active in Europe, started lobbying to emphasize Google's dominant position in Europe. Microsoft General Counsel Brad said: "No matter what, and when a major market share in more than 90%, people will inevitably have begun to question."

According to statistics, Google accounted for 80% of the European online search market share, and the company in the U.S. search market share is only 65%. Market analysts believe that Google's competitors in the home may be launched in Europe, anti-trust lawsuit against the company.

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