Saturday, February 20, 2010

75,000 computers move more than 190 government and corporate data theft

U.S. Internet software security company NetWitness18 said, a new type of computer virus in the past year and a half has been invasion of the Global 2500 companies and government agencies to 7.5 million PCs, a computer virus, these constitute a large and dangerous "botnet "stealing from a number of important secrets.

The company will "zombie network" known as the "Kneber botnets." A new virus to collect their "zombie computers" in the information and will send to the hacker.

Attacks or to launch from the Eastern European gangs

The large-scale attacks, including financial institutions, energy companies and the U.S. federal government agencies worldwide, including nearly 2500 enterprises and government agencies have been invaded, the affected computer to reach 75000, involving more than 190 countries, mainly the United States, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey and Mexico and other countries of the computers.

U.S. Internet software security company NetWitness, said in January this year under an engineer for a company to deploy Internet monitoring system found that "Kneber botnets."

After investigation, hackers in Eastern Europe in 2008, started to use a computer, through the command center located in Germany launched attacks, to induce the employees of businesses and government agencies websites click on a virus, or open an e-mail with a virus, and thus the invasion enterprise or government networks. It is understood that once a computer virus infection, it will become a "zombie network" part of, and through a large number to send infected e-mail so that more businesses and government agencies recruit computer.

NetWitness Golen, president of the United States Department of Homeland Security has served as director of network security. He said that at present seems at the end of 2008 started a new virus outbreak in Germany, is also spread to a lot of computer applications in China. Currently collected evidence that the attack is likely to organized criminal gangs from Eastern Europe.

Camouflage difficult to remove high

Experts point out that hackers can remote control the infected computers, steal what they want the information, including Internet banking logon, e-mail and social networking certification information, and then the further invasion of other users of the computer system so that the virus affected expanded rapidly, hackers in the 4 weeks can be successfully 88000 certification information. More seriously, the virus than other viruses have higher camouflage nature more difficult to remove.

Experts believe that, hackers steal this action seems to want to get information, rather than the destruction of specific companies or government agencies network system.

NetWitness, an analyst at Cox, said: "It's certain that many institutions do not know what they are encountering a similar security problems, because they do not have appropriate detection tools." Kneber zombie networks "in recent years, the agencies face a serious threat to the 1, but people have been ignoring the existence of this threat. "

The United States, "Wall Street Journal" reported that the affected companies begin to receive notification of hacking, in which pharmaceutical companies Merck & Co. Inc., as well as healthcare company CardinalHealthInc. Have recognized the computer by "zombie networks" infiltration, but not stolen sensitive information.

NetWitness also found that hackers penetrated the 10 U.S. government agencies, the computer, one of which to obtain a soldier's military networks, e-mail user name and password.

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