Sunday, February 21, 2010

360 mad smashing antivirus what ads will run CCTV

360 CCTV running ads for free anti-virus is not only to expand the influence of free anti-virus, but also to their own most drastic in the end will be free of charge, but is 360, the trend of the brand and free users deep into the hearts of each one.

Encountered during the Spring Festival, the most mine-people thing, not Zhao Benshan Spring Festival Evening When the "soft advertising Wang", nor is Liu Qian to the Magic into an "drama", but 360 of the CCTV mad hit ads. So why say that?

1, a free product to do such a high-profile television media, which is the field of Chinese Internet, China's advertising history, in addition Taobao outside is probably unprecedented. Just consider this ad will run returns than can be said to be 0 (do not bring direct any income to 360), enough mines.

2, take a look at a few ads aired 360 times: CCTV-1 news network, today's statement; CCTV-2 network of economic information and economic and a half hours; CCTV-5 night, 4 columns; CCTV-6 night broadcast sets. Goodfellas, this battle was really a bit "Standard King" style, and yet another mine.

3, from the advertising content point of view, creativity is very simple, not even any ideas, but certainly mine person: who is host, director and actors took over the post of speaker Liu Yiwei, repeatedly shouting "free", "permanent free" , "(360 anti-virus) no longer have to spend."

I think that the ads were 360 acts of the mine will produce three results:

1, all the Chinese people know that "anti-virus software for free", especially the concept of free will enjoys popular support, thus bringing the brand on the 360 has improved rapidly. I personally think that the amount of installed capacity of 360-vote definitely not the purpose of advertising, this cost too high. In fact from a third party Ereli published 360 data, "free antivirus" fundamentally no worries about the installed capacity. As of the end of 2009, 360 users of anti-virus coverage has reached 30.8%, in other words there are 100 million people using this free anti-virus software.

Although not a direct purpose, but it will definitely be put in a CCTV which indirectly raised the 360's installed capacity and market share, and that many of them are not familiar with some of the Internet the lower end of the primary users. This will help win more of an incremental 360 potential users of the market, from the user's full beyond capacity and brands of over charging anti-virus, it should be almost exclusively a matter of time.

2, anti-virus to form a deterrent effect on the charges, but also to their own most drastic. I do not know that other anti-virus vendors to see Liu Yiwei bosses hard to shouting "free" when the mood? Not expected to be comfortable. Zhou Hongyi, there is no landing CCTV has allowed an escape route - so that people throughout the country to testify, he must not only be a strong free activists, we must fight anti-virus fight in the end and charges, but had to make 360's products and services but also better than soft kill fee must get better, otherwise the "free" can only become a slogan hand, will become the target of public criticism.

3, anti-virus arena may be change of weather is a foregone conclusion. From 360 since the announcement free of charge, charges to suppress free anti-virus anti-virus on the one hand, maintain their own posture and position, but on the other hand constantly cuts to promotions, increased use of free time slots phased approach to delay the competitive situation, but they are also doing all kinds of resistance on the "free antivirus" in attempts. However, this writer, I believe that with the free anti-virus momentum for further growth, there may be additional charges for anti-virus will inevitably turn to join the camp free of charge. Zhou Hongyi, so the middle of play into the hands. This anti-virus software, Internet-based services market will last one year, like e-mail, games, as completely free of.

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