Monday, October 12, 2009

A variety of retro-style handbag

Collapsible shape and large side bag, to make the style perfect for the leisure package. Glimmer Crossbody inclined adjustable shoulder strap backpack, its size suitable for a variety of occasions, casual look handsome, reflecting a practical charm. Glam Tote simple and neat, Safe Storage of materials, combined with lovely contrasting zipper head, as the eclectic Poppy family circle complete in the end. tarlet Satchel handbag used simple structure, strong and unique metallic paint from leather fabric. Inspired by the Pop Art Poppy come through the printing, as well as by the bright blueberry, daisy yellow, pale gray, mint green and black licorice color makes up the color feast, and further break through the traditional boundaries. Poppy the new landmark, inspired notebook graffiti, reminiscent of the witty permeated the whole series of energy.

New York, July 2009 - America's leading contemporary accessories designer brands (Coach Inc.) To welcome the autumn of 2009, Qing Qing presented Poppy series. The series of works contains vitality, clean-cut New York College of Eastern Orthodox style and punk style, and into the body, showing the vitality coach handbags and youth appeal. Poppy the introduction of a rich variety of new bag-type and vibrant colors, while a broad price range of this interesting but full of handbags and accessories with confidence another characteristic of series.

Coach Handbags New Fall POPPY SERIES

"When I designed Poppy, I really want to explore COACH women look like people." President and chief executive creative director Reed Krakoff said, "With the dazzling colors and prints, as well as the shiny metal decorations The new material, Poppy is a natural extension of the brand family, but also to prove that she can make new customers and age groups slam Heart. "

Poppy is a classic integration of cutting-edge styling and practical style of an experiment.. Spotlight shoulder bag is the Poppy family's flagship product, the ground is clearly visible, it has the flexibility to adjust the shoulder strap, with the vertical shape, as well as the playful side with the shoelaces to tighten the design, form a difficult to resist, trivial a unique combination. Rhinestone Spotlight has a flickering appearance and Sequin Spotlight shining decorations oversized handbag, the same eye-catching.

A variety of retro-style handbag and accessories, further emphasized the Poppy's unique and ever-changing. Bonnie bag and Mini Frame replica handbags wholesale have people envious of the details, including the nostalgic bag full of girl-style fold and a unique hardware, the formation of unquestionable fashion effect. Shoes, jewelry, eyeglasses and clothing is selected to join the series, creating a perfect overall image of this season.

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