Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hair stylist Johns introduced by the summer

Curly hair before wiping milk can withstand high temperature thermal energy

Johns, Johnny's hair salon Creative Director

Into the fall, a lot of MM's hair are comparatively worse off, compare exclusion curly hair, hair that will be very hurt. In fact with the ghd hair sticks volume 100 times hair, hair, do not you have suffered damage to the hair salon with chemical medicine perm damage worse, because the role of medicine is to the hair inside, but just let the hair ghd hair sticks to play a kinds of physical distortion, the effect of the hair will not harm the internal. If you really Pashang to the hair, you can, after washing the hair with a ghd hair sticks, before taking advantage of hair is not dry when the moisture to the hair and cast some sort of heat milk, allowing the hair to resist high-temperature products. Some people say that hair is dry and easy to fall from static electricity, to multi-purpose replenishment of hair products in order to make the hair healthier. In fact the hair is composed of collagen, water accounts for only a small fraction, probably less than one tenth, so the best way is to supplement the collagen protein rather than simply to recharge.

Today, these two create for OL GHD hair is harder and the place is very nice how twisted and twisted, it is recommended a two-sided mirror at home is best, so that results can be seen both before and after, will let you operate more easily, and the results more natural .

Not hot dye, as long as the good use of hair sticks and a small clip, you can take care of the most noticeable of the texture of hair and GHD hair texture.

DIY early autumn nostalgia ghd curls

This autumn, the nostalgic atmosphere of clothing along with them so that hair that he has embarked on a retro line, with a fluffy texture of the nostalgic trend of hairstyle is this season's points. Hair stylist Johns introduced by the summer and autumn hairstyles will in turn become more texture. Ghd straight hair and a refreshing because of static electricity is not only easy "walking-type." MM is for straight hair, ghd hair sticks and small clip is the most important autumn hair tool to get up every morning to spend half an hour, you can achieve the incarnations yourself more feminine; if the evening to attend Party or parties, there was no need Zaiqu salon, Gao Ding can easily mirror their own.

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