Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cartier Santos-Dumont sunglasses Limited

Thick wide black box, the overall simplicity of the smooth lines are single this summer sportsman essential items. Frame, regardless of what kind of style, each of which can make you more type, the anti-Japanese fashion magic round sunglasses Who else? !

Fendi Sunglasses Golden

No frame design exudes a sense of maturity and tidy, plus a double-F logo on the lens of the asymmetric design, the overall performance of lightweight texture allows you to easily handsome style.

Vivienne Westwood sunglasses dark gray

A little more interesting frame design, coupled with the use of lightweight metal, thoroughly Vivienne Westwood show humorous English-style design.

Missoni Black plastic frame sunglasses

Dolce & Gabbana dark gray sunglasses

Large mirror with a narrow, thin frame to form a wonderful contrast to the design of very simple and generous taste.

Dior Homme Black Tie Sunglasses

Spring and summer fashion arena, ubiquitous trace of sunglasses, wear sun glasses male model who appears quite type, whether in the ocean resort casual elegance of retro style, or will the wind, a wide range of sun glasses, are very good with a single product.

Style is even more dazzling, from the mirror shape, presence or absence of frame, frame pattern in terms of material and so on, each designer has his ingenious designs are large mirror retro, no frame of the break with, pay attention to functional quality timber.
A kind of arc mirror retro fashion taste quite ordinary tea color with any clothes are very desirable.

English words into a mirror with the logo as part of the frame to show the brand's unique design sense.

Close to the nose of the mirror design, they could bring the three-dimensional contours of the face Cartier Eyeglasses, put it so that the overall shape is more eye-catching.

light gray sunglasses miu miu

Close to the face of the curvature of the design, will be more enhanced UV-defense function of the narrow width of the slab beside the mirror design can modified facial.

alain mikli by Philippe Satrck blue sunglasses

Downright genius by the designer Philippe Starck designer glasses alain mikli for the design of the surgeon can bend the frame is the biggest feature, coupled with the use of lightweight materials, both practical and fashion.

ck Calvin Klein black sunglasses

Cartier Santos-Dumont sunglasses Limited

Is not limited to jewelry, Cartier Collection is the same as to show an extraordinary charm Cartier Eyeglasses! Cikuan Santos-Dumont sunglasses limited edition gold-plated frame used, with leather and platinum-plated screw accents and brown polarized lenses, not only model it allows you fearless sinister summer sun!

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