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How this year's All-Star jersey like?

This period is characterized by the NBA's LOGO appeared in the jersey of the most conspicuous place, showing NBA begun to focus on the construction of its own brand. Of course, this apparent act of advertising by consumer resistance, but soon, everyone flattering, after all, the wave of commercialization that has engulfed every corner of the world.

If they selected the same time, NBA, then there must be a person can not choose on the 21st, not only from a lot of people use the numbers to select one out of use, of course, in addition to these rigid rules and the most people can not tolerate the NBA's shirt design department that since it is all that "Star" competition, then everyone must be on the clothes the stars, the stars must also be solid pentagonal shape. Ever since, these 20-plus years since, each All-Star jerseys are a lot of star patterns flooded the meantime, become a protagonist an insight into the design. All-Star Game then allegedly opening ceremony replica nfl jerseys, there is a repertoire that is all the players hand in hand singing "sparking glittering, covered with little star"

The first All-Star was organized in 1951, when, BAA and NBL merged two years, however, the Union was only has 11 teams - Washington, Capitol team also pulled out of bankruptcy early next year. Then basketball, then NBA sports in the United States is basically an "uncle, grandmother hurt do not love" role. NFL, MLB or NHL is the Americans like movement. NBA knows this little brother seems to be keeping a low profile, even in order to please the fans, Zhang Yang personality of All-Star Game, their uniform design is also quite low-key. From 1951 until the early 70s of last century, the All-Star game is extremely fixed and inflexible service, the main color is a symbol of the Union, all red, white and blue three color matching, there has been no great NBA words and LOGO, the chest is also simply "EAST" and "WEST" word, then there are a huge number. Moreover, when a team is not allowed the same number of people. For example, such as Kevin Garnett and Tim Duncan in the Western with the time.

With the hip-hop culture, break through the limitations of race gradually became popular throughout Europe and the United States elements of society, personality appears in the slogan of the liberation of every person's mouth. The history of the NBA's most outlandish clothes of the most bizarre, it may also be the most smart ideas dazzle people in uniform designs appear in this period. Such as the Denver Nuggets 80's "rainbow" uniforms, even now, we think can still be considered a masterpiece ahead of its time. Union was also the first time ever completely designed and made the All-Star jersey to the host city. So long boring All-Star team, has also started to personalize direction.

But the character development to the extreme, the same is not a good thing. Each host city is clearly too much emphasis on the application of elements of this team to the neglect of the nation's public tastes. 1995 Phoenix (the city's uniform is always very dregs either classic or a complete mess) All-Star Game, Phoenix will be one looks like a huge manure fork-shaped cactus on the big orange, a bizarre (the most terrible is to use The color with manure fork) stars on the Phoenix people on this elation, but clothing sales have almost the worst All-Star jersey. Perhaps from a design point of view it is not so bad, but obviously not every place of the cherished love of the desert and cactus.

In 1996, the situation seems even worse, and alliances expect a low-profile San Antonio, honest people can launch a Kaopu jersey the record straight. But who knows San Antonio, all of a sudden short-circuit between the mind, one printed with a small hot pepper, color like mint shirt appeared in the Jordan, Scottie Pippen of the body. ABC television interview with an early exit of spectators, he only said one sentence: "Sorry, but I really allergic to the Creme De Menthe ... ..."

In 1997, the Union the right to withdraw officially will be designed. Substituted seem even worse is a solution nhl jerseys- where each player wearing a jersey the club to play. Wide variety of uniforms to stadium looked like the same 10 individuals in going it alone, but unclear as to identify the color of jersey, mistaken identity, passing slowly a certain extent, affected the level of the All-Star contests. This situation lasted until 2003, the Union once again by the retro style of the All-Star uniform jersey this year to re-enable the 1988 League All-Star Game jersey style.

How this year's All-Star jersey like? Okay, I admit that it is fit in the Howard, who is very handsome, but in O'Neill who, as you know, the person, one on the age, this figure will inevitably be misinterpreted.

To 80 years, the situation has been some changes. Union is aware of rigid and fixed-style does not make young people like - this part of the NBA who occupy a large part of the consumer market. Though the alliance for the design of the All-Star uniform is still hold a cautious attitude, but has not too much to stifle the genius of the design details. From this moment onwards, the All-Star jersey design began to tend to diversify. Some lively design began to appear in the All-Star uniforms being. For example in 1975, Phoenix All-Star Game, the ball pants on the splendor of that small piece of the sun, another example, in 1979, Detroit All-Star Game uniforms, tilt the letters and numbers is quite a visual impact. But do not know why, since 1982, around the cuff and has been extended to four weeks hem skirts star style seems to have been a lot of people's favor, until 1987, the All-Star uniforms have carried on this basic design ideas, little change.

However, coupled with fat cool Locking, you know, this guy even wearing a sack can make you feel very fit. Gossip talk less, let's take a look at 58 years, the All-Star jersey bar history of the development wholesale nfl jersey .

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