Sunday, October 11, 2009

Forehead was carved tassel-like fringe to use

Modeling ingenuity:

1. Asymmetric hair model works, the low-right side of the hair, there is tightening effect.

2. FAT volumes, the focus level, is full of a sense of straight-beam style, touch the ball, so that the whole person, pleasant refreshing look.

3. Pre-made ramp down the design, so that the cheek full of model legislation changed little face beauty.

Xiao Bian Comments:

Holiday trips most important thing is clean and refreshing, this hairstyle can be a choice Oh! Asymmetric GHD hair volume, body on the road for you with just one hand on, you can create a beautiful effect.

Want to easily become a holiday beauty? When traveling we have to maintain the most beautiful gesture? PARTY when distributed in a unique beauty in the landscape? In fact, these requirements are not difficult to reach Oh! MM to you this holiday season in the United States and the United States of enjoying to play, Xiaobian selective, recommended five holidays, wild hair, so that MM no matter when and where they can bloom they want beauty!

Modeling ingenuity:

1. Closer to the eye the length of the forehead bangs make eyes look even more vivid.

2. Ears tight inward parts of the GHD hair a good disguise Poxian sensual cheek, so compact and dynamic.

3. Brown hair color and increase the Department of maturity.

Xiao Bian Comments: a rare long Golden Week holiday, of course, there is the United States and the United States to make their own gesture啦! The Japanese hair, the overall shape compact and full, the ultimate highlight the beautiful little face. Fashao Department detailed Curl lines, slightly colored and fragrant charm filled atmosphere, a unique distributed during the holidays make you charming grace.

Modeling ingenuity:

1. A-shaped shape was designed for a round head to increase flow-based linear visual effects.

2. Cut their hair so that it has a heavy feeling, coupled with vibrant perm, full of festive atmosphere.

3. Forehead bangs and the back of the wave-like cross-hair against the background, even more exquisite little face.

Xiao Bian Comments:

Medium-short hair, but very popular in this fall's Oh! Department of Poerbulang use pink hair color and texture can be given full effect hair soft and fresh, no matter how sophisticated, pleasant with all Oh!

Modeling ingenuity:

1. Forehead was carved tassel-like fringe to use, to create a light quicksand effect, Roumei moving.

2. Points to a superficial wave perm, in the volume of non-volume do not seem to have some flavor.

3. Hair color, the first with the bright brown dye out of three-dimensional feeling, and then contracted by pearl beige color.

Xiao Bian Comments:

Holidays are bound to participate PARTY, in a heavy make-up in public with delightful raised eyebrows, from the outset the best啦! The hair of the most noteworthy is his hair color, light brown, camel department + to create a transparent and light perception, temperament will be even more noble Oh!

Modeling ingenuity:

1. With the special highlights of red high-gloss clear beauty face.

2. Liuhai Run Ze high forehead, light effects, make cheekbones and bridge of the nose is very three-dimensional moments.

3. Inward collected Fashao full consideration to the slender neck of the fine decorative effect.

Xiao Bian Comments:

Liu Department of thick texture of the red wine with high light efficiency, so that you distribute Duopo goblin-like charm. Better to avoid long straight hair is too boring shortcomings. Such a hair, he was with what kind of clothing would be quite a big impression with Oh!

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